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Fix PC Errors : ActiveX Errors

ActiveX Errors Explained

ActiveX controls are common when surfing the web with Internet Explorer. They are add-on programs, made by Microsoft, that have the ability to enhance certain websites by allowing Internet Explorer to communicate with other programs. They allow various media and security applications to run. For example, using an ActiveX application can allow antivirus applications to perform online scans using your web browser to ensure your security online.

Sometimes, you'll run across an ActiveX error. These happen when an ActiveX program is not configured properly, or if the registry is tampered with by malicious software. These errors can drastically slow down your Internet Explorer. Also, they can prevent proper communication with other programs.

Fixing An ActiveX Error

Resetting an ActiveX control may solve the problem. This can be done by going to the "Tools" menu on Internet Explorer, and choosing the option to manage your add-ons. Find the ActiveX control that has been giving you the errors and click on it. Disable it, click "OK," then enable it again. This series of steps should reset the ActiveX control while fixing any errors.

ActiveX errors can be annoying, but they are usually easy to fix. Since most of these problems usually start first in the registry, a registry cleaner and repair tool should be used. This will repair any necessary, missing ActiveX keys. One good registry cleaning program to try out is Reimage PC Repair Online because it will also scan for any problems in the Windows operating system.  

If the registry repair tool does not fix the problem, a virus or spyware may be to blame. Malicious files can damage ActiveX components, and they must be removed. Running an antivirus or a spyware removal tool such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal)  is recommended.

Improperly removing or uninstalling a program can leave behind traces of that program that can interfere in the way your computer works. These can also cause an ActiveX error. Always be sure to properly uninstall a program. This can either be done with the uninstall file that comes with the program, or with the Windows Control Panel.

Use Caution When Using ActiveX Controls

It is sometimes commonly believed that ActiveX controls are viruses themselves. This is not true, but they should be used with caution since they can be used by hackers to download viruses or spyware to your computer. If you do not trust a website, you should never run an ActiveX control. If you do not need or do not trust a particular application from a website, do not use it. Some may be able to steal your personal information or track your internet habits. A good tip is to always check for a reputable trust seal such as VeriSign before allowing an unfamiliar website to run ActiveX controls on your PC.

Repair ActiveX Errors Now:

  1. Run Reimage PC Repair Online Run Reimage PC Repair Online
  2. Download and scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware  

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