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AntiVermins - The Vermin You Don't Want!

Is AntiVermins driving you up the wall with all of its pop-ups and balloons? You're not alone, but the problem isn't as complicated as you might imagine. In fact, removing AntiVermins should be rather easy.

What is AntiVermins?

AntiVermins is a type of adware program that is installed by the Zlob Trojan virus. The Zolb is famous for installing all sorts of difficult programs on your computer without you knowing about it, and AntiVermins is certainly one of them. It takes advantage of Trojan bugs or security faults in firewalls and web browsers.

AntiVermins is ransomware. Essentially, it's a program that loads other problem programs onto your machine and then asks you to pay a fee to get the full version of the program to take those nasty bugs off of your computer.

Where Did AntiVermins Come From?

The AntiVermins program has been traced back to Russia on several occasions. Unfortunately, the trail ends there, and it has been difficult to find who is responsible for the program itself.

What Might I Notice with AntiVermins?

You'll know that you have AntiVermins thanks to a series of increasingly annoying pop-up bubbles that erupt from your Quick Launch Task bar located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. The pop-up bubbles are impossible to miss as they usually take up the bottom right hand corner of the screen. They usually have a headline that reads something like, "System Performance Monitor: Warning" or "Security Alert: Spyware Found." The bubble will ask the user to click on it to solve the problem and in most cases, more software will be installed. Either the new software will automatically be installed on their computer or a browser will open and direct the user to a web page where they can pay for the full version of AntiVermins that is promised to rid the computer of all spyware. In most cases, titles like SpyHeal or SpywareQuake will be installed.

Fake Security Warnings

antivermins fake error message

fake error message antivermins

You may also notice other "security alerts" with AntiVermins.  You may notice your computer going to a blue screen when you try to open a legitimate application. An error message will popup. Occasionally, your browser will redirect you to an error page as a result of AntiVermins.

Another good sign that you have AntiVermins on your PC is that your startup time is significantly increased to the point where it seems to be taking forever. This happens because a .dll file associated with AntiVermins is being triggered during start up, and that pesky .dll file is telling your computer to open up a series of pop-up bubbles. The problem is that so much of the average computer's resources are taken up by regular start up procedures that this sudden demand for pop-ups can grind your computer to a halt.

Will It Hurt Me?

If you're wondering what AntiVermins does to your PC, that's probably a valid concern. The AntiVermins bug does two things: it allows someone else to take control of your computer against your will, and it acts as ransomware. Let's start with the first problem.

Hijacker software like AntiVermins is a real problem. Every PC comes with the ability for someone from a remote location to use your computer to help fix it. In most cases, the user would need to give express permission for this to happen, but with the implementation of a Trojan worm, anyone with the access code to the bug can take over your machine. Unfortunately, when this access has been given, most hackers will both view your personal information that you might have stored on your PC and fill your machine with additional viruses and problem software.

Ransomware, like AntiVermins, involves holding your computer hostage until a ransom is paid, and the bugs are removed. In this case, the AntiVermins bug will ask you to pay a fee to get the full version of the software and then that software will clean the bugs off of your computer. Unfortunately, in most cases, the bugs are left right where they are so that your computer can be hacked.

There are many programs that claim to be able to remove AntiVermins, but in order to truly get rid of it, you want to go with a registered and complete anti-virus program because AntiVermins has the unique ability to continually reinstall itself if you miss part of it. Some adware and malware programs will be able to remove part of it, but since a key .dll file is always running when AntiVermins is installed, it can make removal of that one file almost impossible unless you're using the right program.

What Do I Do to Remove AntiVermins?

There are several ways you can remove AntiVermins. However, no matter which method you pick, when you do go to remove AntiVermins, make sure you back up all of your personal files and use the System Restore option in case a vital file were to get damaged during the uninstall process.

The first step in trying to remove AntiVermins is to try using the Add/Remove Programs utility in the Control Panel. In most cases, however, this program fails to completely remove the program from your computer, and thanks to AntiVermins unique regenerative properties, relying on Add/Remove Programs alone won't work.

You can try to change your computers registry by yourself to remove AntiVermins, but be warned: this is only advisable if you are a trained computer expert. By tampering with your registry, you are permanently altering your computer's code and if the wrong file is deleted, you could damage your PC.

The best choice is to download a trusted anti virus program and get all the necessary updates once you've downloaded it and then run a full and complete system scan. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal)  is a great choice, as it can deal with many programs like AntiVermins. Whatever program you pick, it may take a while for it to scan its way through your PC, especially if you haven't used any anti-virus programs in the past, but your patience will be rewarded. The program will completely clean your computer of all viruses in its library, and you should notice an end to all of those annoying pop up balloons. At that point, AntiVermins removal should be complete.

AntiVermins can be annoying, but in most cases, removal shouldn't be impossible.

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