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Fix PC Errors : Blue Screen

Finding the Quickest Fix to the Blue Screen of Death

It is an issue that many people thought they had left in the rear view mirror. The famed Microsoft Blue Screen of Death has been giving PC users indigestion for well over 15 years now, and with pretty much everyone now switched over to Windows Vista, the world has now realized that the Blue Screen is still a constant companion. It is safe to say, however, that the Blue Screen does occur significantly less often than it did during Windows 95, 98 and 2000, but it can still ruin your day and destroy hours worth of productivity. Before we take a look at the best ways to fix blue screen issues, let's identify exactly what this ominous pest is, why it comes up and why it is still around after all of these years.

What is the Blue Screen?

The blue screen, often called the Blue Screen of Death by fed up PC owners, is Windows default critical error message. When your computer has experienced a critical error, something has gone very wrong and Windows often needs to shut down immediately. Older computer users who struggled with Windows 95 and 98 remember getting this error message all the time and while Vista and Windows 7 users get it less, it can still be a huge problem. The biggest problem that computer users today face when they are greeted with the Blue Screen is the fact that a whole range of issues can be causing the problem. Here are just a few of the most popular reasons why a Vista or Windows 7 user may be getting the Blue Screen.

What is causing my blue screen issue?

One of the chief causes of blue screen errors in regards to Windows Vista is compatibility. Many of us pulled our hair out the day we installed Vista on our new computer simply because we realized just how many of our favourite programs that worked on XP suddenly didn't work on Vista. Most of us went ahead and gave in and uninstalled the incompatible programs, but if you decided to be stubborn and kept those incompatible programs, that could be the root of your issue. Try getting rid of those last few programs and see if that clears up your blue screen issues.

Another possible fix requires you to have a copy of the Windows Vista install DVD. Insert the DVD into your computer and turn your machine on. Instead of booting from your hard drive, attempt to boot from the DVD so that your computer starts up in a safe mode, which should help prevent any instant blue screen issues that might be affecting your PC. A button should appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen that says, "Repair." Try clicking on that and see if Windows Vista's own repair service can cure your PC of its blue screen blues.

You can also go into your control panel and set your preferences so that your machine does not immediately restart every time you get a blue screen problem. This way, you can scribble down the error message and then use Microsoft's own site or simply use Google to check out the error message you are getting to see if you can find a personalized fix from a message board or from Microsoft's own site. It may be a specific program you have on your machine conflicting with something else.

If you can keep your machine up and running long enough to do a virus and malware scan and a scan of your registry and operating system, you may want to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal)  and a Windows repairer such as Reimage and run all programs to see if a virus or other malware is causing the problems you are having. It may not seem logical, but often times, viruses are made simply to upset people and not to reproduce or to take over other machines. It is possible that you got a virus from an email attachment, from a download you shouldn't have been making or from a website that decided to give you a souvenir that you didn't ask for. Make sure you run your virus protection at least once a week or more to make sure no further blue screen issues pop up.

Final words

There is no magic cure to blue screen issues. Often times, it is a matter of programs clashing on your desktop that just don't like each other or it is a virus issue that can be solved with the right program. With proper maintenance, you can be blue screen free in no time flat.

Repair Blue Screen Now:

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