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Fix Windows Errors - Blue Screen, Runtime, Rundll32, DLL Files

The Windows Registry is an important part of a computer's operating system and can often be the "single point of failure" or root cause of many Windows problems. The registry functions as a working database of configuration settings necessary for your computer's operating system. This includes entries for all the installed hardware, drivers, software, memory, user settings, system configurations and license details  of your computer. For tech-savvy users it is possible to manually edit the registry to fix errors and problems.

However, it's important to note that without the proper expertise, tampering with the operating system and registry settings could create bigger problems than you might already have. A damaged registry might become impossible or difficult to fix because the registry structure is contained in files that are not human readable. Furthermore, a damaged registry can stop Windows from booting up. This is where a Registry Cleaning program comes into its own. A registry cleaner is a program designed to search out problems in your computer's registry and allows you to fix them without putting your operating system at risk.  

Not maintaining the registry regularly can result in system slow-downs, crashes and stalls. Keeping on top of registry problems before they occur will help you to maintain a more stable and faster operating system. A well maintained registry and operating system will help you to avoid a number of common Windows errors including:

  • ActiveX Error
  • Application Error
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Dll Error
  • Kernel32 DLL Error
  • Rundll Error
  • Rundll32 exe Error
  • Runtime Error
  • Startup Error
  • Windows System32 Error
  • Win32 Error

A typical problem often found with a poorly maintained Windows registry is the prevalence of redundant entries left behind from uninstalled drivers and software. Running a software uninstaller or the Windows Add/Remove utilities may not completely remove all registry entries. Furthermore, if your computer was infected by spyware or adware at some point there may still be registry entries for it. These redundant entries can easily be removed with the use of a registry cleaner. If you suspect your computer is currently infected with spyware or adware it's a good idea to remove the infection using a reputable antispyware tool before scanning for obsolete registry entries. 

Some reasons to scan your registry for problems, if you:

  • installed and uninstalled software many times
  • partially uninstalled software
  • have a current spyware/adware problem your can't resolve
  • had previous spyware, adware or virus problems
  • uninstalled hardware from your computer
  • have obsolete drivers 

It's quite apparent from these few examples that it is often just the regular everyday computer usage that results in the many system changes and the accumulation of obsolete items and errors in your computer's registry. The result of this is that as your PC encounters an ever increasing number of invalid instructions, it causes higher rates of Windows errors, system crashes, freezes and slow-downs.  

There are many registry cleaners on the market nowadays, some of which just provide basic registry cleaning functions while others provide extra diagnostic features that can help you repair a number of problems. Whatever one you choose make sure that it can detect the following:

  • Application path errors - invalid disk directories may cause application failures
  • COM/ActiveX - invalid entries may cause errors, crashes or application failures
  • Missing and invalid DLL files - causes DLL conflicts resulting in application failures
  • Invalid file associations - file types associated with non-existing programs show up as irregularities
  • Missing startup programs - missing programs in the registry Run section caused by incorrect installing or uninstalling of applications
  • Missing fonts - may cause errors in applications such as word processing applications

PC Speed Maximizer can detect and repair these problems, A poorly maintained registry is often the root cause of  the Windows errors discussed in this article, and PC Speed Maximizer is a pretty good choice if you're looking for a reputable product to diagnose and repair your registry. It has a very intuitive interface and offers scheduled scanning, startup manager as well as Windows optimization features. It will scan your registry for problems and report to you what problems need fixing. To enable the repair functions requires registration. 

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