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Golden Keylogger: Protection or Surveillance?

When does a legitimate program turn from a helpful family aid into a menace?  The problem with keyloggers is that they do their jobs so effectively that they are often used by those who seek to exploit computer users.  How can you protect yourself?

What is Golden Keylogger?

Keyloggers are programs that track each keystroke on a particular computer and keep a log that can be monitored by a parent, employer, or computer owner.  Golden Keylogger is able to record these keystrokes and link them with the corresponding program.  This enables a parent, for instance, to monitor a teenager’s chat sessions on Facebook or Yahoo! or see emails, websites visited, and even online purchases made.  Parents, or other monitors, can view the information on the computer the program is installed on or remotely via email reports.

Manufacturers of these products stress that they can only be used by those with administrative privileges or those who own the computer.  This program’s developers say that their software is the “Net’s only family-friendly keylogger…the only reason Golden Keylogger was created is to protect you and your family, not to spy on people.”  Too often, though, these legitimate programs are misused by people who would rather snoop and spy than protect.

What is the Risk?

When you own a computer and are trying to ensure that use is appropriate, you weigh the risk to privacy against the many benefits a keylogger offers.  This is why parents find them so helpful; they can alert them to serious threats involving their children, including predators.  Keyloggers can be just as easily misused, though, and installed without the computer users’ knowledge or consent.  It is common for suspicious spouses to install keyloggers in hopes of proving (or disproving) infidelity or by friends and family members who want to “keep an eye” on other adults, both of which are violations of privacy. 

Programs like this are also used by those who would exploit the data they recover.  It is possible, for instance, to log usernames, passwords, credit card and bank account numbers, and other sensitive information.  This data can be sent to a remote location for the monitor to view.

Keyloggers that are installed without the users’ permission can also create security vulnerabilities in the computer itself.  It may open network connections, self-mutate or self-recreate, modify or disable security settings, and leave a door open for additional forms of malware.  Because of the risk to your system and to your personal and financial data, it is crucial that Golden Keylogger be removed as quickly as possible.

How Do You Know It’s There?

Before you can remove a keylogger, you have to be aware of its presence.  This, unfortunately, is easier said than done.  Monitoring software must be able to run undetected; if it was visible, children could easily find it and disable it, rendering it useless.  It is designed, then, to be virtually invisible.  Golden Keylogger does not appear on the list of programs being run, on your Task Manager, or in your system registry.  There are no icons on your system tray or desktop, and it is not listed in the Start menu.

You may notice that your computer is running more slowly than usual, but other than that, there will be no visible signs that a keylogger is active. 

How Did Golden Keylogger Get On My Computer?

It is important to remember that keyloggers like this are completely legal and have a host of ethical, appropriate uses.  Parents, employers (who ensure employees know that computers are monitored), and law enforcement agencies find them to be indispensable tools.  Whether used for legitimate purposes or to spy, the installation method is the same.  This program has to be installed directly on the machine that is to be monitored.  The installer needs direct, physical access to the computer for this process. After it is in place, the information can be reviewed remotely.

Can You Remove Golden Keylogger?

Detecting keyloggers can be difficult, as can removing these programs.  What will not be effective in ridding your system of this surveillance tool?

Computer users are not out of options, though; manual and automatic removal can be effective.  Manual removal is only recommended for those with technical experience and knowledge of the system registry.  The risk is that you may inadvertently delete a necessary file or fail to remove every trace of the program, in which case it will simply rebuild itself.  If you want to try, follow the directions below.

All users are urged to remove Golden Keylogger automatically with a specially designed program, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal) .  Made by a respected software company, it is able to detect and thoroughly remove keyloggers and monitoring software without impairing your computer’s performance.  The program is continually updated with the latest virus and rogue definitions, so it will also eliminate any other Trojans or malware present in your system.

Programs like Golden Keylogger are intended to help parents and other concerned adults protect their families and their computer systems.  All of the features that make them marketable, such as keylogging, website tracking, and remote monitoring, also provide them with spying capability.  If you suspect such a program has been installed, don’t waste time wondering; act to remove it immediately.

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