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Understanding Javascript Errors

One of the more enjoyable things about the internet is the ability to create your own customized pages. You can even make your own website; all you need is access to someone's server and a domain name and you will be able to design any type of website that you want to create. The most commonly used type of programming is JavaScript. JavaScript gives you the ability to create amazing websites and is what most of us use to view animations on websites as well. There are a number of common errors, however, that people can make when they're working with JavaScript. These JavaScript errors are commonly found and even though they're easy to fix, they're frustrating to find. Here we'll discuss a number of common JavaScript errors and how to fix them.

The Braces

JavaScript utilizes braces that look like this: { } in order to work. Each command needs to be surrounded by these braces in order to make a complete statement. You can have many braces nestled within one another in order to do multiple statements or loops. When you have a program entry that is several levels deep, it becomes easy to lose track of how many of the braces you have. One of the vital programming errors people make is that they forget to close the braces. Each open brace needs to have a closed brace. If there isn't a closed brace, the code will return a JavaScript error. The best way to fix this problem is to print out the code and use a highlighter to mark the pairs of braces that you have. This way you'll have a good representation of which braces you have open and which ones you have closed, and it will help you to ensure that you have the right code as well.

Quotes and Apostrophes

Another common JavaScript error that many people have is mismatched apostrophes and quotes. When you are programming JavaScript, you need to have your apostrophes and quotes in line and matching. If you leave out a closing apostrophe, the statement can be a string that goes into the next line, which would cause JavaScript errors. You may also find that you need to include an apostrophe that you don't already have in the text. Leaving out an apostrophe that is being used to close the statement, or forgetting to use an escape one, can cause serious JavaScript errors to occur and is one thing that should be checked. As with the other errors, you can always print out a hard copy of the script in order to see what you are missing and to find and fix your problem easier.

The Semi-Colon

Some programmers tend to forget about the purposes of the semi-colon.  Generally one of the first programming lessons taught revolves around the importance of the semi-colon. Every statement should end with a semi-colon. There are times when you'll find a JavaScript code where each statement is on a separate line and there have been no semi-colons, but this can be tricky to do. If you write your code in this way, and you find that you need to rearrange the code, you will be much more likely to mess up your code without semi-colons. It is best to reformat the code so that every statement has its own line and that they all end with a semi-colon. This will help you to get the code working properly and fix JavaScript errors.

Case Sensitivity

Another aspect to remember about JavaScript is that it is case-sensitive. For instance, if you were to type "myvar," that would not be the same thing as "myVar." These are two completely different variables. In order to avoid having this problem, which could cause JavaScript errors easily, it is a good idea to always do the same thing. For instance, you can always capitalize the first letter in the second or third words. In this manner, you would always ensure that you do the same thing and you will be better able to control your wording and your coding so that you get everything the same. You can also underscore the words as well so that you are able to read what you've written much easier.

Referencing Objects

One big problem that many coders have and that can cause problems for the casual viewer of a website is to reference an object in coding that isn't there yet. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that the objects that you are referencing have already been loaded by the time that the script gets to that point. Don't reference any objects unless the object is contained in a function that is reached after the page finished loading. This will help you avoid and fix JavaScript errors that could easily occur.

The Casual Viewer

But what if you're someone who is not coding JavaScript and you have a problem and receive JavaScript errors when you're browsing a website? This is something that does occasionally happen and there are only a few things that you can do to remedy the situation. One thing you can do is to use a different web browser. If that doesn't get around the problem then the problem is likely the responsibility of the person who owns the website.

You can also check to see where the problem is as well, if you're interested. When you get a JavaScript error, you'll see a little yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Click on that point and the program will tell you where the problem is. You can then use that information to fix the code if the website is your own, or you can be very generous and email the owner of the website with the information so that they can figure out where the code has gone wrong and they can fix JavaScript errors. While many are fairly common, and most can be easily repaired as well.

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