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Kneber virus


Protect your computer from the Kneber virus

If your computer has been infected with the Kneber virus, then you need to act as quickly as possible. The Kneber botnet invades your computer and links itself to other computers that you are connected with, either through social networking sites, e-mail or other popular websites. This is how the virus spreads so quickly. It overtakes your computer and records all of your private information, including all of your secret usernames and passwords. Through "virtual network computing," an infected computer will attempt to connect and take over other computers via e-mail, social-networking sites, and other Internet connections. If you frequently use MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or visit Merrick & Co., the Wall Street Journal, and Juniper Networks, then your computer may have been infected with the Kneber virus.

The Kneber virus first appeared in February 2010, and invaded over 75,000 computers worldwide. It was powerful enough to circumvent government security, and invade top-secret government files. Known as an offspring of the Zeus Spyware Trojan, the Kneber botnet is more powerful and dangerous than even the Conficker worm that tormented computer security all over the world last year. You may be able to prevent your computer from being infected by this malicious virus simply by keeping an eye on your e-mail for strange addresses and names, such as: johnkneber@yahoo.com. Do not accept or open any e-mails from this address or similar addresses. If you do, the Kneber botnet will automatically download on your computer and gain access to your usernames and passwords. You can try to protect and remove the Kneber virus manually, but this can be complicated because unless you spot the implanted Trojan botnet, you won't even know if your computer has been infected. Since it is so hard to determine if your computer has been infected by the Kneber virus or not, the best course of action is to install a Kneber removal program into your computer so that you can successfully protect your computer from this precarious virus.

How can I remove Kneber botnet?

There are many computer security firms and companies that are consistently developing virus removal software and programs in order to keep up with the ever-evolving threat of dangerous computer hackers. Computer hackers notoriously create and improve viruses such as the Kneber botnet in order to gain access to personal, corporate and government computers. That is why top security companies have to continuously stay ahead of the computer virus game. Now that this concern has been well documented and studied, removing the kneber virus from your computer can be done with the help of a reliable virus removal program. You may also want to manually remove this program from your machine. If you've worked with computers for some time or you understand how to completely remove a program like this one, that may be the right option for you. If, however, you're not well-versed in removing program files or editing your computer's registry, this is one option that you'll want to avoid. If you do choose to go ahead with the manual removal process, there's quite a bit of research involved, so make certain you get your notes from a reliable source.

What Kneber removal programs should I use?

It is very important to only use and download Kneber removal programs from respectable sources and computer security software websites. You don't want to download a removal program from a company that you are unfamiliar with because you may actually be downloading a computer virus in disguise. ParetoLogic is an exceptional computer security software company, and they have a solid reputation for creating the best virus protection and removal programs available. For example, ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS is certified to remove spyware, malware, Trojans and viruses from your computer. It's a sophisticated computer security software program that offers extreme protection against complex computer viruses. With advanced scanning and a technically advanced cleaning engine, ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS locates and completely removes any and all computer viruses, including spyware, rootkits and damaging malware programs. The minimum system requirements for ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS include:

  • 190 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
  • Operating privileges: logged on as administrator to install and uninstall

There are other reliable computer virus removal software programs available to download as well. The key is to make sure that you are getting a quality virus removal program from a respectable company, and that your computer has the necessary system requirements in order to download the program in its entirety.

What can I do to avoid the Kneber virus in the future?

The Kneber botnet is just an example of how dangerous computer viruses can be, and how they will continue to evolve. Be smart: keep your computer and your personal information protected. Don't click on any links that are included in e-mails, and always scan e-mail attachments before you open them. Make sure to only download files from a website that you know is properly protected, and stay away from bit-torrent and other file-sharing websites and programs. Only enable java scripting from websites that you trust. Also, never read or open unsolicited e-mails and make sure that you are using spam protection in your e-mail program. The Kneber virus can easily infect your computer through a simple e-mail. As the use of social-networking sites continues to grow, everyday users will have to be more proactive and computer security software companies will have to continue to develop virus removal programs that will conquer even the most sophisticated computer viruses.

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