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"You guys rock. Your instructions were spot on! Thank You"
- J. Powell

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- L. Lepsře

"Your web page on Regclean was extremely helpful and very, very education. Its objectivity to was nothing short of excellent. Thank you..."
- Anthony G. Muya

"I want to express my thanks for the information on removing the browser hijacker. I took the steps you suggested and the follow-on precautions to prevent future infections... Thanks again"
- Carlos

For Information and Removal of LimeWire

    - what is LimeWire
    - automatic and manual removal instructions
    - personal assistance provided online or by phone to safely remove LimeWire.


LimeWire - A Needy Friend

LimeWire is a filesharing program. It works using the Gnutella Network, and it is free for public use. Through the network, you can share any file you wish from your family pictures last Christmas to your band's latest song. It will run on any computer platform from Windows to Linux, and many users say it allows them to post their content without the hassle of a website. The problem with LimeWire, though, is that it is often bundled with other programs, and many users don't realize that it has been installed on their systems. As a result, it can take up a massive amount of computer processing space, and it can also literally eat your network bandwidth for breakfast.

Is LimeWire Dangerous?

If you enjoy file sharing programs, LimeWire isn't a bad idea. If, however, you don't want other individuals to have access to your files, LimeWire is a truly bad idea. Not only will it slow your personal computer down, it will also destroy any meaningful internet experience that you want to have because your bandwidth will constantly be in demand by other LimeWire users downloading the files that you have posted. Some users have reported having the bulk of their allowable bandwidth consumed all day everyday by other LimeWire users.

LimeWire As a Security Risk

Using LimeWire and allowing others to connect to your computer presents a security risk to you. In order to use a filesharing network like LimeWire, you have to disable many of your defenses that protect you from other users. While others are not supposed to be able to see the information you don't post directly, crafty users will have no trouble accessing any material they want on your machine. From personal files to password and credit card information, it's all very available once you become a part of LimeWire. Whether you have a firewall on your computer or not, your security is at risk with a service like LimeWire. Indeed, one of the features LimeWire advertises on their own site is how easy it is to get through the firewalls of other users. More than any other filesharing program, though, LimeWire is particularly dangerous, as there are several security flaws within the network. You don't have to be a hacker to grab someone's financial data from the service, and with the rates of identity theft on the rise, it's best to protect yourself at all costs.

LimeWire and Questionable Content

Another problem with LimeWire is the content on their network. Lots of offensive material can be found through LimeWire which can present a risk if you have children, and if you don't scan the files you download from the filesharing program, you may end up with some very nasty viruses on your computer. LimeWire, and any given filesharing program on the internet today is packed full of spyware that can easily be transmitted to your computer, meaning that you could be in for some very serious issues if you're not paying close attention to what is happening on your computer.

LimeWire Removal

There are several ways to remove LimeWire from your computer. First, you can simply use the LimeWire uninstaller. Unlike many programs out there, it does come with a fairly friendly one. One of the problems  many users report with this, though, is that not all of the files are removed, and as a result, they are still at a security risk from other LimeWire users without ever knowing it. That leaves you with two other good options. First, you can manually uninstall LimeWire from your machine. Keep in mind, though, that missing a few files here and there can still pose a security risk to  your machine. You should also remember that any time you delete program files or work within your registry, you could be in danger of damaging your system. Your system registry is what makes your computer function, and making a mistake of a single keystroke while you're there will drastically change your computer's settings. Your other option is to use a good anti-spyware program to help remove Limewire. ParetoLogic is a great choice. Be sure to keep it updated on a regular basis, and try to run a scan about once a week to keep your computer safe from others. LimeWire certainly has the potential to damage your computer and pose a security risk to you and your personal data. Remove LimeWire today.

In order to manually remove LimeWire, the following registry keys must be removed:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwaremicrosoftinternet explorermenuextlimeshop preferences
HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorermenuorderstart menuprogramslimewire
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8bet.url
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8bonzi.url
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8browserpage.dll
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8limeshop.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8limeshop.html
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8limeshop.url
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8limewire.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8limewire.jar
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8money.url
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionshareddllsc:program fileslimewire2.9.8rootmagnet10options.js

You should also remove the following:

Program FilesCommon Fileslimewire
Program Fileslimeshop
Program Fileslimewire

Removing LimeWire Automatically/Safely

For free automatic removal we recommend using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This program is widely recommended by reputable third-party sites, so you can be reasonably confident of its ability to safely get rid of LimeWire and any hidden Trojans. As a precaution we recommend double checking your system with SpyHunter. This program requires paid registration to enable deletions, however it has a money back guaranteed and is the top of the line in malware removal. It should catch malware that evades Malwarebytes and block anything that tries to reinstal itself.

Download SpyHunter

Remove LimeWire Now:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpyHunter Download  
  2. Run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  3. Remove all the detected infections (free).
  4. Run a scan with SpyHunter
  5. Remove any remaining infections
  6. Reboot and rescan with SpyHunter. Your computer should now be clean.

Important note: If Malwarebytes is blocked by malware then run Chameleon (Start Menu → All Programs → MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware → Tools → Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Chameleon). If you need further help removing LimeWire please email us at info@removeadware.com.au or call for personal assistance on toll-free number 888-655-3453, within the USA and Canada.

Disclaimer: This webpage was created to provide information on LimeWire and how to uninstall it. Manual removal instructions are intended for use by technical experts and should be used at your own risk. We do not own or endorse LimeWire.

We are affiliated with some of the legitimate programs recommended on this website. Should you choose to use the programs recommended here, we may receive a fee that will help support the site.

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