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Netscape ParetoLogic Partnership


Netscape Uses ParetoLogic Technology to Increase the Safety of Internet Surfers

On November 1, 2005, Netscape, one of the leading brands in Internet history, officially formed partnerships with several computer security industry leaders, including ParetoLogic.

The aim of the partnership is clear: this is a combined effort to help make the Netscape browser the safest and easiest to use browser in the world with increased spyware and adware detection and elimination. The developed technology is being built into the Netscape 8.0 browser. It is hoped that it will make web browsing much easier and safer for current Netscape users and those that this partnership are sure to win over.

ParetoLogic's contribution is powered by a revolutionary new way to fight spyware and adware: the proprietary Zheng network spider. The spider continuously travels through the Internet looking for suspicious website behaviors.  Its extensive reporting lets the Threat Assessment Teams at both Netscape and at ParetoLogic determine the nature and severity of the threat presented by a site's behavior. The information about the possible threat, along with its evaluated severity, will be then supplied directly to Netscape. A quick update later and the Netscape browser is safe from that particular threat and any other suspicious behavior. Thanks to these new security procedures, the safety of the average web browser is substantially increased. For years, companies have put the onus for protection on the user, not the company making the browser that is being exploited. But with the introduction of Netscape 8.0, one company has finally stepped up and taken responsibility for protecting their users. With the first class technology of ParetoLogic combined with the new mindset of Netscape eingineers, the average Internet user can now browse the net without feeling like a deer that is being stalked by millions of bugs. Users have protection from the worst of the Internet, thanks to Netscape and ParetoLogic.

This innovative and proactive approach that is being presented by both ParetoLogic and Netscape will soon became a necessity among Internet security companies. Going out and actively looking for threats instead of passively waiting for them to come by is sure to give an extremely effective early warning system available.

Netscape hopes that employing such revolutionary solutions to Internet security will let the company retain its position as the technological leader in providing advanced and effective turnkey browser protection. Netscape is proud to offer the most complete protection from Internet worms and viruses found anywhere.

ParetoLogic has been an industry leader in spyware/adware and anti-virus detection for years and it proud to be a part of the Netscape family for years to come. No other browser available on the market today provides such a strong and comprehensive degree of security from worms, viruses and adware/spyware as Netscape 8.0 does. And the best part is that with the continual updates that are always being worked on by the Netscape team, the browser will get safer and safer with each passing day. There really is no other logical choice to do your web browsing with than Netscape 8.0 and ParetoLogic!

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