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Parental Control Internet Filtering Software


What are Parental Control Internet Filtering Software programs for?

One of the very first lessons you learn on the Internet is that there is very little censorship. Because thousands of different people from a variety of places around the world have the ability to create websites, censorship just isn't possible. While this is fine if you are a consenting adult who doesn't need boundaries in terms of extreme images, if you are a kid who isn't quite ready to explore that side of life just yet, there are a plethora of Parental Control programs out there that will ensure kids can surf the net with few problems and without encountering problem websites.

These internet filters work by evaluating search results and site contents so that any site that is deemed unfriendly for kids is blocked from the results. Many top programs are also equipped with adult controlled filters that will allow your son or daughter to do a school report on breast cancer, but not view pornography. They can even help keep your computer safe from questionable sites that may try to download and install viruses, spyware and malware, too, and that includes the music and games your children may try to illegally download. Understanding both what's available and how it works is the key to finding the right software for you.

Finding the Best Internet Filter for you and your Family

There are several top internet filtering software programs on the market today that work with your computer to protect your children from sites you don't want them to visit. One of the best known is Net Nanny. Net Nanny dates back to 1994 and is the most used of all site filtering programs. Does that automatically make it the best on the market? In this case, no, although it is one of the best ones you can choose. The program has eight different categories of filtering so you can protect your kids from just about anything. It can record all instant messenger conversations and can also record every web page that your kids visit when they are on the computer. New copies of this internet filter go for about $40 each, and if you need additional copies because you have a larger than average family, they often come at a discount once you have purchased the full version. Some critics claim that the automatic updating tool doesn't work correctly which can interfere with overall operations. There are also several complaints about a lack of customer service and an overall response time to consumer problems. While no product is perfect, Net Nanny is one of the better ones overall due to its overall effectiveness and ease of customization.

One of the biggest competitors in the world of internet filtering software is Safe Eyes 5.0. One thing that makes Safe Eyes 5.0 so popular is that it works with larger groups of people and provides up to 10 profiles per machine, which can be a big help when you have a larger than average family or a classroom full of kids who all need their own separate profile. Account administrators can also remotely change and adjust the settings of all the user accounts because the settings are done online, not through the software directly. This can be both good and bad as administrators are capable of keeping a remote eye on user activity, but if the company website is down, you can't make any changes at all. The online internet filter interface is extremely easy to use with bright colors, big checkmarks and an intuitive list system that allows administrators to easily change and adjust how the program works. Safe Eyes 5.0 costs a bit more than Net Nanny at $50, but many people feel the extra investment is worth it. One of the most popular traits Safe Eyes has is that it is considered to be the least hackable of all parent control products. So many kids these days have incredible computer skills and can often get around blocking programs to access whatever they want. With Safe Eyes 5.0, you can rest assured that your kids will only see what you want them to see.

The best product on the market is ParetoLogic's PGsurfer. Not only is this internet filtering software program absolutely free, it is one of the easiest programs of its kind to use and the development team is constantly refining and adjusting the product so that any holes are fixed quickly. PGsurfer protect your kids from websites and content that you don't want them to see, and it provides detailed and easy to read reports detailing your kids' Internet habits and activities. It is the perfect blocking software for Christian families or any family that wants to limit the amount of exposure kids get to questionable material. PGsurfer is also a great choice for libraries and schools since there is no cost.

How safe are my programs?

One major concern that many parents have when it comes to choosing and installing web blocking programs is that kids can find a quick and easy way around it. This is often the case when mom and dad aren't as computer literate as the child. Yes, there are dozens of web pages that list exactly how to get around and disable these programs, so you have to do a little exploring yourself via Google and make sure you manually block those pages. There is also a degree of trust here that your kids will respect and honor your decision to censor their web browsing until they reach a certain age. No system is fail proof, but many of the programs listed above do a great job of keeping your kids safe from questionable content and your computer from hackers, viruses and spyware.

The final verdict:

With software, the old adage that you get what you pay for is usually correct, but in this case, the ParetoLogic internet filtering software might be your best bet. Many people start out with this product since it is free and there is no risk or obligation for trying it. However, unless your child is a certified computer genius, you will likely get all of the protection you need from PGsurfer, and you'll end up with a few extra dollars in your pocket at the end of the search process.

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