PC Pandora

PC Pandora: A Helpful Tool or a Threat?

Is PC Pandora one of the most useful tools a computer owner has at his disposal?  Or is it a tremendous threat to privacy and data?  Both. 

What is PC Pandora?

PC Mag says that “PC Pandora kicks the cloak-and-dagger routine to the next level.”  TopTenReviews notes that it has “a lot of great features that is hard to find with other email monitoring solutions.”  This dynamic software program offers users the ability to record screen content, record all keystrokes, including login names and passwords, monitor and record websites visited, block specific websites, record all programs and applications used, record emails and attachments, P2P, file sharing activity, IMs, chats, search queries, bandwidth activity, and printer activity, get snapshots with a webcam, monitor active computer usage, and keep track of files.

This capability allows parents to monitor their children’s internet use in order to protect them from online threats.  The program is also useful for employers who explicitly tell their employees that their computer use will be monitored.  These are perfectly appropriate uses of the program; the problem is that PC Pandora can also be used as a surveillance tool to monitor unsuspecting individuals.  The same features that make the program so useful to parents, such as keylogging, also make it a potential threat.

Is PC Pandora Installed In Your System?

If the keylogger is set to “Visible” mode, you will see an icon in the system tray, as well as in the Programs menu.  By default, however, this program is set to run in stealth mode; this means that there will be no visible signs that the program is running.  You will not see the program listed in the process list, system tray, or task manager, nor will you see it in the registry or on the list of programs that you can uninstall.  This makes it virtually impossible to detect the presence of PC Pandora.  Again, this is another very useful feature for those using the program in a legitimate way, but it can be just as easily used for less altruistic purposes.

What Can PC Pandora Do?

Every feature that makes PC Pandora such an effective parental monitoring software program can be used to exploit unsuspecting computer users.  The program, for instance, records all passwords, usernames, and keystrokes.  It is possible, then, for someone to retrieve bank account and credit card information and use them fraudulently.  This is just one example of how the program can be misused.  At the very least, it presents a threat to your privacy.  At the worst, it can put sensitive personal and financial data at risk.

How Did PC Pandora Become Installed?

If PC Pandora is in your system, it was put there intentionally.  Usually, it is parents who do this, and these applications are entirely legal and appropriate.  But when it is a spouse, boy/girlfriend, friend, family member, or neighbor who does it without your permission, it becomes a threat and not a tool.

Some keyloggers can be deployed remotely; as a completely legitimate application, however, PC Pandora has to be installed directly on the computer that is to be monitored.  Physical access to the computer is required for the initial installation, and thereafter, monitoring can be done from a remote condition.  The manufacturer notes that installers need to have administrative privileges on the computers they want to monitor; unfortunately, the program can be misused by those who have at least one instance of direct contact with the computer.

Can You Remove PC Pandora?

Of course, you can remove this keylogger – if you know it’s there, and if you know how to access the PC Pandora viewer, and if you know the password.  It is quite easy for the person who installed it to remove it.  This does not help you much, though, if you are not the one who installed the program.  This keylogger, like other stealth monitoring programs, is designed to run undetected, so removing it is not as easy as using the Uninstall option.  Incomplete removal can cause the program to recreate itself by rebuilding its files and registry entries. 

Another problem is that standard security suites will not be able to detect PC Pandora because it is a completely legitimate program.  It is designed to operate unseen, and this includes hiding from security scans.

While manual removal is possible, it is not recommended for those without extensive technical experience.  It is possible that you can damage your system registry, delete necessary applications, and/or fail to remove every entry associated with the program.  If you want to try, follow the directions below.

Instead of manual removal, users are urged to automatically remove this keylogger using a specially designed software application like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal) .  This program eliminates every file, key, and entry associated with the monitoring software while ensuring no legitimate functions are affected. 

When used correctly, keyloggers and monitoring software can be very helpful for those who want to ensure their computers are being used safely and appropriately.  When used incorrectly, they can be used to exploit users.  PC Pandora is one of the best programs in its class, which means it is also one of the most threatening.  


Stop Processes:



Remove Registry Keys:



Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\dattab

Remove DLL File:



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