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Fix PC Errors : Rundll32 exe

Spotlighting Issues With Rundll32

It is no secret that today's operating systems run far better than their predecessors. With all of the attention given to Windows Vista in relation to how unstable it was, the truth is that compared to Windows 2000, Windows 98 or 95, Vista was a significant step forward. However, some users are still falling victim to error messages that many of us thought were things of the past. For instance, errors regarding Rundll32.exe still crop up on Vista and early reports indicate that Rundll32 problems are present in the new Windows 7, as well. What is this error exactly, how can one diagnose it and how can one deal with it? Let's take a closer look.

What is Rundll32.exe?

Rundll32.exe is an essential part of the Windows operating system and has been a fixture of Microsoft's flagship operating system for many years now. Without getting too technical, Rundll32.exe is a program that runs .DLL files on your computer. The .DLL extension stands for Dynamic Link Library and although you may not be familiar with .dll files, they are the workhorses that run your operating system as well as all of the other programs on your computer. In short, a .dll file contains the instructions your computer needs to run hardware and software on your computer. Consider .DLL files like little Rosetta Stones that allow different manufacturers software and hardware to talk to and operate on your Microsoft-run operating system. Without helpful .dll files, we would need hard drives 100 times the size of what we have now because every new program and piece of hardware would have to come with every bit of instruction they could possibly ever need. The use of .dll files helps to shrink everything down to a more manageable size. When you experience a Rundll32 problem, the program your computer uses to run .dll files has errored.

Rundll32 Problems

One of the chief causes of Rundll32 problems is pre-infected hardware that you purchased at a store or over the Internet. There are constantly new stories being broken on the Internet and in the traditional media of people bringing home digital picture frames, external hard drives and other devices, plugging them into their computer and problems cropping up. There isn't anything you can do about this sort of thing, other than remembering to scan your entire computer with the programs listed below after you install new hardware or software on your PC. You may also have come into contact with a Rundll32.exe masking virus by downloading shareware from a dubious location. Often times, manufacturers allow their programs to be downloaded from sites that tack on an extra program as their "fee" for using their site. If you are looking to download shareware or freeware, use a reputable site by making sure it is VeriSign trusted or has some other reputable seal that can be authenticated by clicking. 

You may also have run into this virus from opening an email attachment. Even if it was an email attachment from a friend, there is always the chance that it could be infected. Make sure you use an email client that scans every email attachment before you download it and you will likely have less of these problems.

Rundll32 Diagnostics

Finding and stopping a Rundll32 problem can be a bit difficult because what often happens is that the real Rundll32.exe file on your computer is actually functioning properly, the error message you are getting is either fake or there is a virus on your computer that is causing an error message to show up that says you are having a Rundll32 problem. The only way you can find the true cause of your problem is with a virus scan and a registry scan. The key here is to find and download a program or a program suite that you can trust to give you an honest result and one you can trust to fix things up like they were before you started to have problems.

The programs you want to use if you need to fix rundll32 are an antispyware program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal)  and a Windows repairer such as Reimage. The latter requires paid registration to enable the repair functions. Let's take a closer look at Reimage:


Reimage is a specialized tool to help you repair the Windows operating system. It will help you to repair and prevent Rundll32 errors as well as slow downs, system crashes and many other Windows problems. The major benefits of this tool include its Windows optimization and repair services, as well as its ability to reverse damage done by spyware and adware:

Reimage Review


A Rundll32.exe masking virus can disrupt your computer to the point where it is almost unusable. New operating systems from Microsoft continue to be vulnerable to Rundll32.exe issues, so make sure you do everything you can to protect yourself by using security software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal) and Reimage to scan your machine on a regular basis. When it comes to viruses on the Internet, you can never be too careful.

Repair Rundll32 exe Now:

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