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Spam Around The World


Spam around the world: Asia takes over the United States

It is thought that spam was invented in United States in 1993, and even today, this country's junk e-mailers send the most unwanted messages to millions of unhappy email account holders, although the US is followed closely by spammers in China. If you take the available statistics and break them down by continent, Asia has already taken the lead with 42.8 percent of spam originating from that continent (North America is responsible for only 25.6 percent).

It is likely that China will soon become the number 1 spamming country in the world, especially if we consider the fact that the availability of the Internet is growing rapidly there. While in the US and North America, laws such as the CAN_SPAM Act, together with resulting prosecutions stemming from the law, are responsible for an ongoing and steady reduction of spam emails, China does not even attempt to prosecute spammers, hackers or any other cyber criminals.

According to the U.K.-based Sophos, during the first three months of 2006, spammers from the United States sent over 23 percent of the world's unwanted messages, while the amount of spam made in China was near 22 percent of world's production. Two years ago, in 2004, US spammers were responsible for over 50 percent of junk emails - and it seems that the downward trend is continuing.

The reasons for this sudden and dramatic drop off are simple: while US-spammers face a real chance of prosecution, their Chinese counterparts are perfectly safe. What's even worse, while more and more Americans have learned to use spam-filters, most Asian users still treat such software as a luxury. Until this situation changes, Asian countries, especially China, will be more and more endangered by the flood of junk emails. So not only will more and more spam originate from Asia, those using computers there without the proper filters and precautions are also more likely to fall victim to it.

The other major players in the spam business are South Korea, France, Poland, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Japan, and the U.K. While there really isn't a winner in the race to produce the most spam, every computer and Internet user everywhere is a loser when their email account(s) fill with unwanted messages, many of which are laced with viruses and adware.

It is estimated that more than 59 percent of all mails sent can be recognized as unwanted messages and this number goes up every month of every year. Even though spammers have somewhat loosened their grip in the United States and, to a lesser extent, on the EU, the problem still exists and it is growing in developing parts of the world. And with new and creative spam flooding the Internet, most users expect many current filters to be rendered useless and new technologies will have to be developed to deal with the coming tidal wave of spam that is sure to be originating from China, Korea and many African countries in the years to come.

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