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"You guys rock. Your instructions were spot on! Thank You"
- J. Powell

"I was infected by SystemTool today. Thanks for the help on the page. I have removed it completely"
- L. Lepsře

"Your web page on Regclean was extremely helpful and very, very education. Its objectivity to was nothing short of excellent. Thank you..."
- Anthony G. Muya

"I want to express my thanks for the information on removing the browser hijacker. I took the steps you suggested and the follow-on precautions to prevent future infections... Thanks again"
- Carlos

For Information and Removal of SpyBlocs

    - what is SpyBlocs
    - automatic and manual removal instructions
    - personal assistance provided online or by phone to safely remove SpyBlocs.


SpyBlocs - Blocking Your Ability to Compute Productively

Noticed your computer is running a bit slower than it should be? Getting strange little popup message about spyware alerts on your computer? You may be newest recipient of an adware program called SpyBlocs.

What is SpyBlocs?

Spyblocs is adware that poses as an anti-spyware product that will protect your computer from other problem programs. In truth, though, it does very little in the way of protecting your machine. It does more to use scare tactics in order to trick you into getting some of the money out of your bank account. It has the ability to alter your computer's security settings and allow other adware programs to slip through the cracks. It also has the ability to communicate with the home server, leaving your personal information vulnerable. It will offer false security alerts, and any spyware that it does find on your machine was probably not there before you got SpyBlocs. The biggest problem with SpyBlocs is that it attempts to frighten you into purchasing a product that you simply don't need to have installed on your machine. Moreover, it does so by secretly implanting itself within your hard drive, making it a difficult removal process. While overall it is a low risk to your machine, and many even consider it to be a legitimate program, users who have had it installed will tell you that it's a hassle, and it should under every circumstance be considered adware with unfriendly tactics.

What Might I Notice With SpyBlocs?

If you do have SpyBlocs on your machine, one of the first things you might notice is phony system alerts suggesting that you have spyware. These might appear in your system tray, your toolbar, or on your desktop screen. Sometimes they will even suggest they are your Windows operating system, warning you of a spyware infection on your machine. They probably say things like "Spyware Infection Detected! Click here to solve the problem." Another thing you might notice with SpyBlocs is slower system performance. SpyBlocs, like many other adware products, creates a registry key that helps it to run at the start of the machine. This can eat up system resources, leaving precious little for you to work with, which, in turn, means a generally slower system for everyone involved. SpyBlocs may popup as you're working suggesting that it is running a scan of your computer. It will most likely find dangerous spyware on your machine, and it will then prompt you to purchase the product to remove the spyware it has found. Finally, your internet settings may be changed. Instead of your standard default home page, you may be redirected to the SpyBlocs page each time you log on.

How Did I Get SpyBlocs?

Most users report that SpyBlocs invaded their machines through a trojan. During any given browsing experience, the chances are pretty good that it just found a hole in your security settings, and used that hole to download and install itself on your machine. It's also possible, though, that it came attached to another download recently installed on your machine. Many freeware programs use adware downloads to help pay for the freeware.

Does SpyBlocs Work if You Buy It?

According to most sources, it does not. Notable magazine PCWorld ran a test involving SpyBlocs and many similar programs, and their conclusions were that not only did it fail to find serious spyware problems on a machine, it also installed other files that would simply harm your computer. So, buying the full version of SpyBlocs is a waste of money more than it is anything else.

How Can I Remove SpyBlocs?

The best thing to do with SpyBlocs and other similar programs is simply to remove them from your machine. There are three possible ways to do this. First, you can manually delete all files and registry keys associated with the program. It is important to remember, though, that working with in your system files and dealing with your computer's registry is fairly serious business. If you harm your computer's registry, you could have far worse problems than adware like SpyBlocs in terms of  your computer. As a result, it is important that you do it with a professional by your side the first time so as not to delete any important system files or make a mistake within your computer's registry. A list of files that need to be removed and registry keys follows this article. Your next option is to run a system restore on your machine. This may not work in all cases, though, and it's possible that you could lose some data in the process. Your final option is to get a good anti-spyware product on your machine. ParetoLogic is an excellent choice. Remember that lots of anti-spyware products are simply clones of SpyBlocs, so be sure to choose a reputable one. Update it often, and make regular scanning part of your general system maintenance.

Removing SpyBlocs may not be easy, but it should help speed things up a bit in terms of your computing experience. If nothing else, it's certain to remove SpyBlocs popup ads from your daily routine.

Remove SpyBlocs registry values:

Unregister SpyBlocs DLL files:

Detect and Delete these SpyBlocs files:

Removing SpyBlocs Automatically/Safely

For free automatic removal we recommend using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This program is widely recommended by reputable third-party sites, so you can be reasonably confident of its ability to safely get rid of SpyBlocs and any hidden Trojans. As a precaution we recommend double checking your system with SpyHunter. This program requires paid registration to enable deletions, however it has a money back guaranteed and is the top of the line in malware removal. It should catch malware that evades Malwarebytes and block anything that tries to reinstal itself.

Download SpyHunter

Remove SpyBlocs Now:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpyHunter Download  
  2. Run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  3. Remove all the detected infections (free).
  4. Run a scan with SpyHunter
  5. Remove any remaining infections
  6. Reboot and rescan with SpyHunter. Your computer should now be clean.

Important note: If Malwarebytes is blocked by malware then run Chameleon (Start Menu → All Programs → MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware → Tools → Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Chameleon). If you need further help removing SpyBlocs please email us at info@removeadware.com.au or call for personal assistance on toll-free number 888-655-3453, within the USA and Canada.

Disclaimer: This webpage was created to provide information on SpyBlocs and how to uninstall it. Manual removal instructions are intended for use by technical experts and should be used at your own risk. We do not own or endorse SpyBlocs.

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