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"You guys rock. Your instructions were spot on! Thank You"
- J. Powell

"I was infected by SystemTool today. Thanks for the help on the page. I have removed it completely"
- L. Lepsře

"Your web page on Regclean was extremely helpful and very, very education. Its objectivity to was nothing short of excellent. Thank you..."
- Anthony G. Muya

"I want to express my thanks for the information on removing the browser hijacker. I took the steps you suggested and the follow-on precautions to prevent future infections... Thanks again"
- Carlos

For Information and Removal of SpyShredder

    - what is SpyShredder
    - automatic and manual removal instructions
    - personal assistance provided online or by phone to safely remove SpyShredder.


Remove SpyShredder

Is SpyShredder installed on your computer?  If you've noticed a lot more pop-ups popping up than usual it is possible that this rogue program is present in your system.

What is SpyShredder?

SpyShredder, also known as Spy-Shredder, is an offshoot of rogue antivirus program, Spy Sheriff.  Spy Sheriff also spawned clones Adware Sheriff, Pest Trap, Spyware No, Spylocked, Spyware Quake, SpyTrooper, SpyDawn, and more.  The goal of each of these programs is to trick the computer user into purchasing them through the aggressive use of pop-up ads and warning messages.

Is SpyShredder Installed in My System?

The first sign that SpyShredder is installed in your system will probably be an increase in pop-ups. These are the devices this program uses to scare users into purchasing its fraudulent protection.  A typical message may say:

NOTICE: If your computer has been running slower than normal, it may be infected with Viruses, Adware or Spyware. Spy-Shredder will perform a quick and completely FREE scan of your system for malicious programs. Download Spy-Shredder for FREE now!

The "free" part may be most tempting to those trying to protect their computer, so many people opt to purchase SpyShredder.  The problem, though, is that any scans SpyShredder claims to have run are fake. 

The warning is correct in one thing, however.  If you notice that your computer is running more slowly than usual, it is very possible that viruses, adware, or spyware have been installed.  SpyShredder is a contributor to the problem, though, not the answer.

You may also notice that your desktop or start page has changed.  SpyShredder, like many other rogue antivirus programs, can take over your homepage and redirect you to its own site.  When you are there, you are immediately urged to fix your security risks by purchasing SpyShredder.  It can also cause your background to display a "blue screen of death" (which is an error message operating systems display when they encounter a critical error.  It can cause your system to shut down).  SpyShredder may also replace your background with yet another warning.  This one reads:


SPYWARE INFECTION! Your system is infected with spyware. Windows recommends that you use a spyware removal tool to prevent loss of data. Using this PC before having it cleaned of spyware threats is highly discouraged.


Any of the preceding signs may indicate that SpyShredder has been installed in your system.

What Is the Risk with SpyShredder?

There are other difficulties that may be caused by SpyShredder if it is not removed.  This program may prevent you from connecting to the internet, telling you that it has stopped this action in order to protect you from spyware.  It can also block your access to websites, including those that offer downloadable anti-spyware programs.

Another risk of SpyShredder is that you will be fooled into purchasing a useless program.  SpyShredder does nothing to fix any existing security issues your computer may have.  It may also cause further problems by bringing other programs along for the ride.

How Did I Get SpyShredder?

Rogue antivirus programs can follow a number of paths into your system.  It is likely that  you picked up SpyShredder from a free download or shareware program.  These are often bundled with hidden programs.  A Trojan known as Zlob, which disguises itself as a video codec, can come with your free video. It then carries SpyShredder into your system.  It is also common for programs like SpyShredder to enter your system when you visit adult sites, which can include gaming sites or those that feature pirated material.  Even clicking on a link within these sites can install programs like this one without your permission.  Of course, opting to purchase SpyShredder or even clicking on the pop-up ads or warning messages causes the program to download.

Can I Remove SpyShredder?

SpyShredder can be difficult to remove from your computer.  You have to be careful to remove not only all the files and registries that are associated with the program, but also all the Trojans it came in with.  Here are your options.

You can try to use add/remove program in your control panel.  It may work, but be warned that SpyShredder is a sophisticated program that can hide in your system and can recreate itself if you don't remove it entirely.  You may also have tried to run your current antivirus scanning program.  It may not even be able to detect the presence of SpyShredder because this and other rogue antivirus programs are not considered to be viruses. 

Your best options for removing SpyShredder are either to do it automatically with a software program designed to detect and remove rogue antivirus programs or to remove the program yourself manually.  It is highly recommended that you purchase a product like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal) that can remove the program for you.  It requires very little time or technical knowledge, so you can resolve your problem quickly and effectively.  It also keeps you from inadvertently damaging your system further.

Removing SpyShredder manually can be very effective, but it also carries more risk than using a software program. As mentioned earlier, if you don't completely remove SpyShredder, it can recreate itself and remain in your system.  There, it can continue to cause more issues with your computer.  You may also accidentally remove a program you need when you're in your system registry.  This can be just as damaging as not removing the rogue program.  Removing SpyShredder manually requires a great deal of technical knowledge and experience.  If you feel up to the challenge, try the following:

Remove SpyShredder processes:


Delete registry values:

HKEY_ALL_USERSSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun"SpyShredder" = "C:Program FilesSpyShredderSpyShredder.exe"

Unregister DLLs:




Delete SpyShredder files:








Removing SpyShredder Automatically/Safely

For free automatic removal we recommend using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This program is widely recommended by reputable third-party sites, so you can be reasonably confident of its ability to safely get rid of SpyShredder and any hidden Trojans. As a precaution we recommend double checking your system with SpyHunter. This program requires paid registration to enable deletions, however it has a money back guaranteed and is the top of the line in malware removal. It should catch malware that evades Malwarebytes and block anything that tries to reinstal itself.

Download SpyHunter

Remove SpyShredder Now:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpyHunter Download  
  2. Run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  3. Remove all the detected infections (free).
  4. Run a scan with SpyHunter
  5. Remove any remaining infections
  6. Reboot and rescan with SpyHunter. Your computer should now be clean.

Important note: If Malwarebytes is blocked by malware then run Chameleon (Start Menu → All Programs → MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware → Tools → Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Chameleon). If you need further help removing SpyShredder please email us at info@removeadware.com.au or call for personal assistance on toll-free number 888-655-3453, within the USA and Canada.

Disclaimer: This webpage was created to provide information on SpyShredder and how to uninstall it. Manual removal instructions are intended for use by technical experts and should be used at your own risk. We do not own or endorse SpyShredder.

We are affiliated with some of the legitimate programs recommended on this website. Should you choose to use the programs recommended here, we may receive a fee that will help support the site.

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