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"You guys rock. Your instructions were spot on! Thank You"
- J. Powell

"I was infected by SystemTool today. Thanks for the help on the page. I have removed it completely"
- L. Lepsře

"Your web page on Regclean was extremely helpful and very, very education. Its objectivity to was nothing short of excellent. Thank you..."
- Anthony G. Muya

"I want to express my thanks for the information on removing the browser hijacker. I took the steps you suggested and the follow-on precautions to prevent future infections... Thanks again"
- Carlos

For Information and Removal of VirusCure

    - what is VirusCure
    - automatic and manual removal instructions
    - personal assistance provided online or by phone to safely remove VirusCure.

  Curing Your Virus Problems Without VirusCure

Keeping your computer safe from viruses and other problems online is key to protecting your machine and your data these days, however, there are some programs that claim to be able to help you do just that, when in reality, they're as bad as the problem itself. VirusCure is just one of those programs, and removing it from your system at your very first opportunity is essential.

VirusCure - An Overview

VirusCure is a bit like two other programs - EzPrivacy and GreenVaccine. While there's no obvious connection between the three programs, they are all designed in Korean, and that makes them unique among most programs of this type. The goal here is to get you to download and install the full version of the program, and they use some pretty frightening tactics to ensure that you do so. The biggest problem here is that it looks like an actual Korean software solution to online protection. In the top right corner, you see a very official looking logo, and then you see a blue menu bar across the program window. All of the text and menu options are written in Korean.

If you do have this program installed on your computer, there are several signs that you will notice eventually.

  • One of the most prominent is the pop up advertisements for the program. All of them are written in Korean, and in some cases, they look like typical online pop up ads. In others, however, they look like Windows Notification Balloons. Either way, they'll try to get you to purchase the full version of the program. They suggest that you're currently unprotected from online threats.
  • In addition to seeing these pop up, you may also see a scan window pop up, and it will act as if it is scanning your machine thoroughly. When complete, the scan window will note that you have several viruses and spyware programs installed. Keep in mind that it is preprogrammed to find these exact same issues no matter where it scans, so it doesn't actually mean you have all of them on your computer. After that, the scanner will prompt you to purchase the full version of the program so you can clean your system. It's essential to remember that you should not click to buy in this case.
  • The computer may act a bit slower than it should if VirusCure is part of your system. Because it starts as soon as you turn your computer on, you'll notice a bit of trouble as you try to start a new task or as you switch from task to task. The program is using up all of the resources your system has available, and that can leave little so that you can run the programs you need to.

Rogue AntiSpyware - A Definition

You may hear VirusCure called rogue antispyware as you begin to research the program, and this is what many security experts might call it. The term itself is really a fairly simple one to understand. Rogue antispyware is any program that pretends to be a real security solution without actually offering you the ability to do anything about the problem programs that might enter your system. In fact, they can often do more harm than good, as it is possible for these kinds of computer programs to create security flaws within your computer that may allow others to access your files, data, or system itself, and that can present some serious problems in and of itself.

VirusCure Transmission Methods

Often one of the first concerns is how this program entered your computer, and it's fairly uncomplicated. In most cases, it was transmitted through a Trojan, and there are many different ways it may have entered your machine. Clicking on a security popup ad, for example, could have allowed it to get on your computer. Visiting the wrong website could have done the same thing. Similarly, downloading freeware or shareware that had this program bundled with it may mean you got a bit more software than you'd initially intended. In some cases, people have reported getting it as an email attachment too. Still, there are others who actually downloaded VirusCure thinking they might be getting the best possible way to meet their online security needs, but that's never the case with this program.

Is It a Virus?

VirusCure isn't a virus. Many people believe that simply having an antivirus software solution installed on their hard drive is enough to help take care of VirusCure, but that's just not the case. You must have an entire security suite to take care of the problem, not just an antivirus program.

Removing VirusCure

When you're ready to remove VirusCure, you'll be faced with two primary options. Your first major choice is to remove it on your own, without the help of a software solution. While this may seem like a fairly simple solution at the outset, it's not quite as nice as you'd might imagine if you're not very experienced with computers. The real problem here is that you have to delete program files as well as registry entries, and working within your computer's registry, if you've never done it before, can be a daunting task. It could even create real problems if you delete the wrong information or type something you shouldn't while you're in there.

The better option, then is to use a great software tool to help speed up the VirusCure removal process. There are a number of these on the market today, and two of them are Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes has free malware removal) and Enigma's SpyHunter. In both cases, all it takes is a simple scan, and you can get rid of the program. Both will even schedule daily or weekly scans to help keep your system clean in the future. It's far easier than the manual removal process, and much safer for your computer too.

Whether you got it from a pop up ad or an email, and no matter which removal method you choose, the important part is that you delete VirusCure from your system right away to help protect your data.

Manual Removal Procedures:

Load the task manager, and stop these processes:











Delete these .dll files:



Enter your computer's registry and delete these values:




Enter your program files folder, and delete these files:

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\Uninstall.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\db\inter.dll

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\etc\avSubEngine.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\etc\vcReg.exe

C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Desktop\viruscure_setup.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\db\filter.dll

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\etc\avsrvc.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\etc\vcMon.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\VirusCure.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\VCAutoUpdate.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\etc\avsrv.exe

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\etc\VCFilterDriver.SYS

C:\Program Files\VirusCure\etc\VCreport.exe

Removing VirusCure Automatically/Safely

For free automatic removal we recommend using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This program is widely recommended by reputable third-party sites, so you can be reasonably confident of its ability to safely get rid of VirusCure and any hidden Trojans. As a precaution we recommend double checking your system with SpyHunter. This program requires paid registration to enable deletions, however it has a money back guaranteed and is the top of the line in malware removal. It should catch malware that evades Malwarebytes and block anything that tries to reinstal itself.

Download SpyHunter

Remove VirusCure Now:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpyHunter Download  
  2. Run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  3. Remove all the detected infections (free).
  4. Run a scan with SpyHunter
  5. Remove any remaining infections
  6. Reboot and rescan with SpyHunter. Your computer should now be clean.

Important note: If Malwarebytes is blocked by malware then run Chameleon (Start Menu → All Programs → MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware → Tools → Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Chameleon). If you need further help removing VirusCure please email us at info@removeadware.com.au or call for personal assistance on toll-free number 888-655-3453, within the USA and Canada.

Disclaimer: This webpage was created to provide information on VirusCure and how to uninstall it. Manual removal instructions are intended for use by technical experts and should be used at your own risk. We do not own or endorse VirusCure.

We are affiliated with some of the legitimate programs recommended on this website. Should you choose to use the programs recommended here, we may receive a fee that will help support the site.

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