Win 7 Security 2012

What is Win 7 Security 2012?

Security is a top priority for every computer user; rogue antivirus program developers know this and try to exploit it by convincing users that their systems are under siege.  Win 7 Security 2012, a variation of the 2012 Name Changing Rogue, is a typical rogue application: it promises a great deal and delivers little in return. 

The 2012 Name Changing Rogue has 15 variations; the only thing that differentiates them is their names, which change depending on the version of Windows that a computer has installed.  This version affects those with Windows 7, but in every other respect, it is identical to its 14 brothers.  Like others in its class, this rogue depends on illusion and stealth to access systems.  It can enter by:

Less common is for users to install the program.  They are convinced by the myriad of pop-ups and warnings that there are severe threats, and they purchase the software, which proves ineffective.  This is why knowing the hallmarks of a rogue are so important.

Rogue applications are most well-known for their copious pop-ups and false security scans.  While these can look real, they are nothing but ads designed to scare users.  Win 7 Security 2012 also blocks access to the internet, claiming that the browser is infected.  Each of these messages is designed to convince the users to purchase the “full version” of their software, which does not fix the problem.

Rogue antivirus programs cannot scan computers for threats, nor can they remove any.  What they can do, in addition to creating false alerts, is leave the door open for other forms of malware.  This can cause instability and put your machine, data, and privacy at risk.  To ensure your computer remains safe, remove Win 7 Security 2012. 

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