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Fix PC Errors : Windows System32 Error


How Do I Fix the Windows System 32 Error?

It's a fairly common, if disappointing, experience. You spend hours online sifting through forum after forum looking for an error that mimics yours. In some cases, these errors affect everything you do on the computer. As you try to find someone who has had the same experience, frustration sets in, and you'd rather wipe your entire system than continue in vain. For many, a Windows System 32 error is the cause of just such an experience, but this guide may help you solve the problem.

What is a Windows System 32 Error?

Before you can understand the nature of the error, it's essential that you are familiar with the idea behind this error. When the XP operating system was initially introduced, there was a way to backup some of the most important files on your operating system. For most computer users, this helped to put an end to excessive downtime or costly computer repairs. Unfortunately, however, Windows didn't include a number of essential files in that automatic backup process, and all of them are held in the system32/config folder. In it are a number of drivers for the hardware on your machine, your system restore points, some shell extensions, as well as a number of other important components.

If you're experiencing one of these Windows XP errors, you might see something like



There are a number of different ways this problem can occur. For example, it's possible that in the process of installing or uninstalling a given program or changing a certain setting, you managed to corrupt some files that were essential to your system. Even files you downloaded could have affected your system. Some experts suggest that you can corrupt that directory rather easily if you don't carefully maintain your system on a regular basis.

Fix Windows System 32 Errors Easily

As frightening as they may sound, these Windows errors aren't as much of a problem as you might imagine. There are a number of ways to repair them and be on your way to great PC use in no time.

Disk Cleanup - One of the first things you may want to try is disk cleanup. In some cases, when your error isn't too severe, a simple disk cleanup will help. It's fairly easy to access as well. Just go to the start button, and select all programs. From there, you'll need to choose the accessories function. Then select system tools, and you'll be led to disk cleanup. After you've had a chance to let this utility take care of your computer, you may want to restart it. If you still get the same Windows XP error message, it's best to proceed to the other options.

Registry Cleaner - In some cases, registry cleaners are a good way to repair this error. There are hundreds of registry cleaners out there, but like antispyware software and antivirus software, some of them are not as legitimate as they may sound, so do your research before you choose one. A rogue program will not have a VeriSign seal displayed on its site. Simply download your choice, install, and run it. You'll have to reboot after the registry cleaner is finished, but it may solve the problem with the error message.

Windows Diagnostic and Repair Program - It is possible to repair this problem easily with a program like Reimage PC Repair Online , which not only has a built in registry cleaner but also has access to an online database of Windows components that can be used to replace any missing or corrupted files. This is a very good option if you're willing to spend money on fixing the problem. 

Last Known Good Configuration - Your next option is to select the F8 function when you turn your computer back on. That gets you to the boot menu, and there, you can choose "Boot to Last Known Good Configuration." You may lose anything you've recently installed or created, but it can help end the error without the dreadful complete reinstall.

Recovery Console - Perhaps your last option before wiping your system and starting over is to use the Recovery Console. Simply insert your XP CD or your Recovery CD that came with your computer. You'll want to boot from the disk, and at the first prompt, enter the letter "R." You should then be asked which installation you're trying to log into. All of the profiles that are on your computer have a number after them. You'll want to choose the one that is associated with your profile. This is typically the number one. Press enter. It will then ask you for the administrator password. Type yours in, and hit enter. If you don't have one, just press enter. From there, you'll probably see a prompt that says "C:/windows." Now you're ready to type in the commands below. It will help to replace the missing file. After you type each command, hit enter.

cd system32

cd config

ren system system.old

cd ..

cd ..

cd repair

copy system c:windowssystem32config

Keep in mind that these have to be entered exactly as they're printed above. Missing a single space will keep the process from going as planned.

If the final option doesn't work, you may want to consider contacting a technical support team to help you preserve the files on your hard drive.

Repair Windows System32 Error Now:

  1. Run Reimage PC Repair Online Run Reimage PC Repair Online
  2. Download and scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware  

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