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Personal Shield Pro Rogue Security Program

If you have a computer, you need security. It is that simple. But here’s where it gets more complicated: how do you know you are getting the protection you need? How do you know that the program you have chosen will keep your data and machine safe? Because of the proliferation of rogue antivirus programs, like Personal Shield Pro, it is more important than ever that you have the right answers. A rogue program can waste your money, fail to provide protection, and put your machine at risk from future threats.

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Security Shield - Rogueware

When you have security issues with your computer, it is understandable that you want to resolve them as quickly as possible. That is why it can be confusing when confronted with rogue antivirus programs like Security Shield. They promise to protect your computer, but really, they cause more issues than they can ever solve. When a rogue is downloaded in your system, you will begin to notice telltale symptoms. When you can recognize these signs, you can take steps to remove the rogue security program manually or automatically....

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Facebook Security Vulnerability: Are You At Risk?

Using Facebook is like driving on the open road; it is important to drive carefully and obey traffic laws, but that, in itself, is not enough to keep you safe and secure. You must also depend on other drivers to do the same. The fact is, though, not everyone is a good driver. On Facebook and other open social networks, it is essential that you manage privacy settings, but what many people do not realize is that how their friends manage their settings is equally important to your privacy. Researchers from the University of Arizona recently released a study indicating that vulnerable friends decrease your level of security.

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Setting the Hook: How Facebook Phishing Scams Work 

“I’m stranded in london got mugged at gun point last night / all cash, credit card and phone were stolen.”  If you are on Facebook and a friend pops up to chat, this message should certainly cause alarm – but not for your friend.  This is an example of a Facebook phishing scam; while the messages appear to come from someone on your friend list, the account has actually been taken over by phishers.

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Adware, Spyware - What's The Difference, Really?

Spyware - everyone who uses a personal computer has heard of it. 

It's been aptly named by its opponents to induce the sort of aversion it merits. Spyware does just what it says it does - it spies. It's software that spies. More specifically - it monitors all activity on a user's computer and reports its findings to its creator. 

Why would someone do this? To make money, of course. The information gleaned by spyware programs tells big businesses - from product manufacturers to service providers - all sorts of valuable information on the demographics, surfing habits, interests and desires (among other crucial insights) of their target markets.

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Are You Your Child's Friend?  Keeping Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Social networking site, Facebook, is one of the top websites in the world.  Social media is a growing force in business, politics, and personal lives.  Some 500 million people have accounts, and among the profiles that you see are those of businesses, schools, and other organizations.  And you are likely to see a fair amount of children, as well.  While Facebook explicitly prohibits children under age 13 from having an account, there is no way to stop an enterprising child from adding a decade or so to his age.  Children of all ages, though, are vulnerable online.  How can parents protect their children from online predators and cyber bullying. 

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  The Past, Present, and Future of Downloading Movies on the Internet

The movie rental store faced a perfect storm of occurrences that would begin the decline of your friendly neighborhood rental location. A declining economy, heavy debt loads, and especially the arrival of internet rental sites like Netflix completely changed how people viewed entertainment.  With easy access, no driving, extensive selection, and often instant viewing, downloading is now the preferred means of watching movies.

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Moshi Monsters – Who is Friend-ing Your Child?

Millions of kids well under the age of eighteen log onto various websites each day, and the potential dangers involved in networking with others online are vast. From sexual predators and cyberstalking to more common potential problems like the transmission of viruses and malware, cyber-security is often a grave concern for parents these days.

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Is the Zeus Trojan Truly the High God of All Malware?

Secret bank accounts. Transferring money off-shore thanks to the help of money-mules. Millions of dollars in losses because of a single computer file. It sounds like the plot for a hot new movie or a popular espionage novel, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's the backstory behind the Zeus Trojan program, and more than sixty people have been charged in the United States as well as 11 EU citizens. What's more, however, is that authorities have suggested that nearly $200 million has been stolen in connection with this malware since 2006, making it one of the most serious cases in cyber-crimes history around the world.

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Stuxnet May Mean More Than Delayed Iranian Plans

Cyber-security is a key factor in today's world. From the overwhelming need to protect entire countries to the simple need to protect commercial secrets and personal information stored on home computers, our lives are managed by the computers that surround us, and in some cases, security at every level relies on the tactics society employs to protect the electronic systems that run everything from international banking to nuclear plants. The ability to protect nuclear facilities, though, came into question with the release of the Stuxnet worm.

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