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Smart Security

Despite its name, Smart Security is not a program that you want on your computer.  It is a rogue antivirus program designed to convince you that you have security threats and that you need to buy their software. 

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Security Tool

When a normally fast computer begins operating slowly, it can be indicative of several issues.  But when the same computer begins receiving pop-up ad after pop-up ad as well, it is likely that there is a rogue antivirus program installed in the system. 

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Security Essentials 2010 - Essentially Useless

Deceptive, misleading information - It doesn't exactly sound like the perfect way to start a relationship with a new security program for your computer, does it? If  you have Security Essentials 2010, however, that's exactly what you'll find at every turn, and perhaps the last thing you may find is a helpful solution designed to truly protect you from online harm.

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Security Master AV - As more and more of our lives move online, the need for greater security is obvious.  It is exactly this need that rogue antivirus programs target.  Rogue programs like Security Master AV know that we need protection, and they know that any threat to our data or systems is taken very seriously.  They count on this.  What they don't count on is you knowing how to thwart them.  It's as easy as recognizing them.

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Defense Center - How Safe Is Your PC? For as long as computer technology has existed, there has also been the technology to damage PCs. While people have become more and more dependent on these machines, viruses have been devised to compromise them in many ways.


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AntiSpyware Soft is one of a new type of "scareware" malware that has recently begun appearing on the internet. This malware purports to be a computer scan that finds viruses on the user's computer, and tells the user to purchase and download AntiSpyware Soft to remove these viruses. Unfortunately, AntiSpyware Soft is the real infection.


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Protection Center is a rogue antispyware program that scares the user into downloading the software after informing the user of a bogus infection on their computer. Protection Center seems legitimate because it bears the same name as Microsoft’s Protection Center, which assists users with removing malware that has infected their system.


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Cybersmart Hero, a new online program to help kids deal with cyberbullying was launched on June 4th 2010 at Westgarth Primary School in Melbourne, Australia by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy, Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy, and ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman. Children in schools across Australia took part in a Cybersmart Hero event, working in teams, online in real time, together with community professionals to solve a cyberbullying-themed problem.




Fake Microsoft Windows Activation Trojan

Rogue antivirus programs and extortion Trojans depend on the appearance of legitimacy in order to meet their end goal, which is to persuade computer users to either purchase ineffectual software, or in the case of extortion Trojans, provide personal and/or financial information.  In both cases, it is essential that users recognize these rogues in order to protect their systems and their wallets.  The fake Microsoft Windows Activation Trojan is one such rogue to avoid.


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Antipiracy Foundation Scanner: Fake Copyright Violation Alert

The issue of intellectual property has seen more than its share of news headlines in the recent past because of the easy accessibility of copyrighted material online.  Whether it is copyrighted music, images, or words, material is easy to find and easier to take.  The Antipiracy Foundation Scanner is a rogue program that is taking advantage of an increased awareness in copyright law.

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