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Protect your computer from the Kneber virus

If your computer has been infected with the Kneber virus, then you need to act as quickly as possible. The Kneber botnet invades your computer and links itself to other computers that you are connected with, either through social networking sites, e-mail or other popular websites. This is how the virus spreads so quickly. It overtakes your computer and records all of your private information, including all of your secret usernames and passwords.

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Conficker was unleashed in November, and by February an estimated 12 million users worldwide had already been infected with Conficker or one of its variants such as Conficker B++.

Conficker leads to your PC becoming a botnet to send SPAM and a vehicle for intruders to steal address books, credit card numbers, private information, and browsing histories.

Rumours have the worm becoming a time bomb set to explode on April 1, 2009.

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Rogue Antivirus Programs - Remove Antivirus Programs That Engage In Fraudulent Activities

Everyone has heard horror stories, or even experienced first hand, the destruction that viruses can have on your computer system.  Being security-conscious is more important than ever, but, ironically, our need for increased security can actually make us more vulnerable to problem programs.  There are hundreds of rogue antivirus programs online these days, and they usually present themselves in the form of a pop-up as an answer to your computer security needs.


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Early Detection of Suspicious Websites with Yahoo's Search Scan Feature 

If Yahoo is your default search engine, you may notice red triangle warnings now appear next to some search results. The red warning triangles are part of Yahoo's new Search Scan Beta feature, an effort to protect users from suspicious and malicious websites. Utilizing McAfee's database of malicious content, Yahoo is now helping users to pinpoint the origin of such dangerous web entities like spam email, unauthorized installations, and hacker portals.

To use Yahoo's Search Scan, simply enter a search term into the search bar. Some search terms may not yield any warnings, but if you search for known malware names such as "winantiviruspro" warnings will likely appear. For "winantiviruspro" specifically, two potentially dangerous websites appear in the top ten results. Both of these websites are labeled "Warning: Dangerous Downloads".


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Firefox 3: How Playing Nice With Others is Paying Off For Web Users

Today's users of the Internet demand more: more features, more security, and more accessibility. Users can have it all with Firefox 3, the latest release from open source Mozilla. Firefox 3 is not just another update, it is a brand new approach to the best of web browsing. Firefox 3 integrates well with various operating systems, websites, and existing applications on a user's computer to make web browsing even better.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Downloading Music on the Internet

Almost everyone these days has heard at least something of the ongoing controversy over downloading music off the internet.  Beginning with Napster in 1999, the sharing of online music has been at the forefront of the fight over copyright protections and the internet.  Many people to this day still aren't sure what downloads are illegal or why record companies have taken such a strong stance against illegal music downloading.  Here's some basic information about the current state of music downloading, its history and the possible future of the industry.

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Operation Bot Roast

Ever since modems were first used to allow computers the ability to connect to each other, there have been people out there trying to ruin the experience for others, and for as long as there have been hackers, there have been crime units dedicated to stopping them. Recently, a major undertaking by the Federal Bureau of Investigation known as Operation Bot Roast was launched to thwart the presence of bot nets and the perceived national security threat that they pose. While the investigation is still ongoing, it has already resulted in many arrests and even some early convictions.

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Hackers Target Facebook Third Party Applications To Invade Your Online Privacy

Most internet users wouldn't consider their Facebook account to be a real security risk.  For the most part, this is true, as Facebook.com is generally safe in terms of the information it gathers.  However, there's a loophole in Facebook's security that hackers are able to use to potentially access and even alter private information on your profile.

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Do you have Winfixer? Experiencing slower system performance and popups that tell you your computer has issues, and that Winfixer can solve them? You may even have read the standard Winfixer claim online: "WinFixer 2005 is a useful utility to scan and fix any system, registry and hard drive errors. It ensures system stability and performance, frees wasted hard drive space and recovers damaged Word, Excel, music and video files." Unfortunately, though, this claim is just not the case. Like many programs that are unwanted downloads, Winfixer is malware.

For most users, Winfixer is simply an unwanted program. These can clog your system, slow your overall processes down, and help to make your personal computing experience miserable. It is clearly one of the malware applications you just don't want on your machine.

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About:Blank - Ready to Drive You Over the Blanking Edge

If you've recently noticed lots of popup advertisements, and your default home page on your browser has suddenly changed, it's certainly possible that About:Blank has become your new best friend.

What is About:Blank?

About:Blank is an adware program that hijacks your browser, changes your internet settings, and displays popup advertisements on your computer. While not inherently dangerous, it is intensely annoying, and it does have to power to create a few security flaws in your system, making About:Blank removal a very good idea.

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