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Ace Utilities review

Ace Utilities is an interesting and well-designed registry cleaner/system repair utilities pack. However, it would be even better if it didn't lack several useful functions. As for now, Ace Utilities works well as a system optimizer, but it is of limited use when it comes to system diagnostics and supporting anti-spyware programs.


Ace Utilities' interface is an excellent example of merging the flexibility of configuration with the simplicity of design. While it is very easy to handle, even by an inexperienced user, it becomes fully customized if run in Advanced Mode. This two-mode approach is an excellent way to provide everything for everyone - simplicity and safety for novices and customizable options for more advanced users.

Main features

The most important feature of this product is from the diagnostics and maintenance category. The program does a great job of scanning the registry for errors and also scanning files/folders for missing parts. Another useful tool is Ace Utilities' Startup Manager that allows the user to manage the Windows startup process. Namely, it lets you prevent unwanted programs from starting during logon.

Unfortunately, Ace Utilities is unable to manage running processes and it lacks hardware diagnostics tools. This limits Ace Utilities' usefulness, compared to other utility packs.

The registry repair tool is probably the best part of Ace Utilities. The easy-to-use registry cleaner is not only customized to avoid critical or important parts of the registry, but it also gives the user a lot of options, including an easy way to find the source of any problems you might find in your registry.

Disk optimization is another area where Ace Utilities is seriously lacking. Besides the duplicate files finding and deleting and a simple clean disk tool, there are no disk optimization features worth mentioning.


Ace Utilities provides a reasonable level of safety while cleaning/changing the registry. It has a built-in ignore list that forces the program repair tools to stay away from all vital registry parts. Of course, you are able to add your own items to the list. However, due to the lack of information about the severity of problems encountered, it is often difficult to decide what should be done once you find them. Also, the backup/restore options, while they exist and work just fine, are deeply buried within the program options and are often hard to find and use.


Ace Utilities registry cleaner and system optimizer is a wonderful tool - but it will only be really effective in the hands of an experienced computer user. The safety level is also a little lower than most of its competitors, which can be a major negative if you aren't aware how important your registry really is. If you're new to computing and you aren't completely aware of the perils of altering your registry, there are several other programs on the market you can use to do the job, and then once you master those, you can move on to this one. Your registry is much too important to play around with.

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