Auslogics Registry Cleaner Review

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Auslogics Registry Cleaner Review

System instability and errors can create a variety of problems on any user's computer, and there are a number of different applications designed to deal with problems just like these. For many, a good registry cleaner can make all the difference, and Auslogics claims to be an "award-winning free registry cleaner that will clean, repair, and optimize the Windows Registry to speed up your computer and eliminate frequent crashes."

The claims behind this company's products are extensive. From suggesting it's "one of the most stable and reliable registry cleaners available on the market," to suggesting it's been recommended by industry experts, there seem to be few things this software can't do. According to the promotional materials surrounding the software, this particular registry cleaner fixes the registry errors which, in turn, speed up your computer. Additionally, it says it's very safe because the changes you make are backed up, and thus, simple to restore. The real selling point, as demonstrated by their marketing materials, is that the product is completely free.


The layout here looks really basic, but the program is truly a powerhouse for most users looking for the benefits of a registry cleaner. At the top left, you'll see menu headings for File, Settings, and Help. Unlike many other choices on the market today, you get some power over what does and does not get scanned and cleaned. Down the left side are the actual categories you can select. If you'd prefer to leave a particular category out of any given scan, it's no problem with Auslogics. What's more, though, is that many individuals new to the world of registry cleaners are unsure which categories should and should not be scanned, and there's a choice for that too. If you're not sure, you can hit the "Check Safe Only" button and eliminate any potential problems before you start to scan. You can right click on each of these categories to access advanced functionality.

Understanding how to scan after you've set your parameters is fairly easy as well. A large red "Scan Now" button appears in the middle of the main scan window.

After each scan, you receive a list that displays each of the problems the scanner found within your registry. The list is not only categorized by the name of the problem found, but also by the security level, which helps you understand any effects that the problem may have on the stability of your system. You can choose which errors to leave and which ones to repair immediately with one click.

After you've allowed the repairs to be made to your computer, an HTML report appears on your screen so you can review what was done. There's an easy-to-reach "View Detailed Report" link on screen so you can see it and save it to refer to later.


There are three main areas where performance is a big concern. The first of these is the scan itself. How quickly the scan is able to make it through your registry matters a lot to most users, and here, this software ranks pretty well. It typically takes less than five minutes to complete a normal scan of 80,000 registry keys. The second main area is how well the computer is able to perform during the scan process, and because the scan process is so short, this category is almost irrelevant. While the computer will experience some sluggishness during the scan itself, the process is so short that few users will complain about it. The final main area is how well the computer performs after the actual scan and repair occurs, and here, it performs fairly well. Most users will see gains of 2 - 3 percent almost immediately, but when it is combined with other tools from this company, the gains increase significantly.

Pros and Cons

+The entire product is completely free, which makes the price perfect for anyone thinking of trying a registry cleaner for the first time.

+Backing up and restoring your registry, which is a must before you use any registry cleaner, is really simple within this interface and occurs automatically after you've set the program up to do so.

-Optional report you can view after you've cleaned your system's registry is overwritten with each new report, so it can be tough to remember what changed from time to time with each cleaning cycle.

-Almost all of the advanced features are handled through right-click menus, so if you don't know what you're looking for, it can be frustrating to find the right function from time to time.

-Additional optimization tools may be necessary to get the best possible performance gains from this product.

+/-Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7


The Auslogics Registry Cleaner is easily one of the best free products out there. The speed combined with the performance of the registry cleaner itself is amazing, and it has the ability to moderately increase performance speed. While maximum performance gains can only be seen when you install the full suite of Auslogics software, the gains you'll see with this completely free program alone are likely enough to convince you of its usefulness.

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