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ChoiceMail Review

ChoiceMail is a classic spam filter relying on a mix of white-list, black-list and challenging messages methods to fend off unsolicited mail. It is a good choice for most users as it is both simple to use while allowing remarkable configuration flexibility. Unfortunately, ChoiceMail isn't problem-free and some solutions it offers are problematic at best.


ChoiceMail installs itself quickly and without any problems. It comes pre-configured, so it is ready to work the moment the installation comes to an end. Of course, you will still need to tweak it a bit in order to make it more effective.

Interface & main features

The spam filter interface is easy to use and intuitive. Even accessing the most obscure filter options are quick and simple.

Three of the main features of ChoiceMail are the blacklist, whitelist and challenges. Blacklist is populated slowly, as more and more addresses are considered unwanted, but whitelist is populated by scanning your existing mail folders and your address book. All emails that do not come from a known sender are either stored in the quarantined folder or are auto-responded with a challenging message. There is also a few other filtration methods included, but they play a minor role in the overall effectiveness of ChoiceMail.

The challenging message is the main weapon of ChoiceMail. The sender is asked to visit ChoiceMail website and provide his/her name as well as the reasons for writing the email. This information is then sent to the ChoiceMail user who can decide if the sender should be added to the white or blacklisted (it is also possible to let only this single email through).

Such an approach effectively fends off 99 percent of spam. The problem is that many people are wary and don't want to disclose any information at the ChoiceMail website which simply ends any attempt to contact you.


ChoiceMail nears 100% effectiveness, but it does so for a price. First, there are many senders who won't respond to the challenge even though they are not spammers. Then, it is reported than in some uncommon situations, ChoiceMail refuses to accept good messages and treats them as if they were spam, forcing some users to disable ChoiceMail temporarily.

Pros & cons:

+ High anti-spam efficiency,

+ simplicity,

+ once configured, ChoiceMail runs in the background.

- Challenging messages system,

- from time to time ChoiceMail behaves badly, stopping some "good" messages instead of letting them through,

- relatively high price, there are better spam filters available at a lower price.


While this filter has had its days of glory, ChoiceMail is now old-fashioned at best and obsolete at worst. Most point or Bayesian-based spam filters will produce similar results without annoying innocent people trying to reach you via email. The days of challenge emails are gone and most people are probably going to be offended by them and just ignore you. Recommendation to avoid until the manufacturers come up with a new version that works in a more efficient, less confrontational way.

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