Cloudmark Desktop Review

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CloudMark Desktop Review

CloudMark Desktop is an innovative spam filter with an excellent detection rate and virtually no false positives. Instead of relying on automated filters, CloudMark Desktop works thanks to all of its users. Every time one of them marks an email as spam, it is treated so by all CloudMark Desktop software around the world.


CloudMark Desktop is easy to install and configure, since it does not contain automated filters or detection rules.

Interface & main features

The interface of CloudMark Desktop is easy to use and intuitive. As the filter relies on the CloudMark community opinions rather than some internal features, it is very easy to operate and requires only a little configuration.

A word of explanation: while at first glance, it seems that CloudMark Desktop will be prone to spammers' attacks or false reviews, it actually isn't. Every community member has its own rating based on the accuracy of his/her choices. Those who mark not-spam mail as spam will be quickly noticed and their rating will be lowered to the point where their opinions don't really count. On the other side, real spam-fighters will have their ratings high enough to warn the entire community about a new spam message when it appears.

While, theoretically, this community-based filter can still be fooled, the everyday results show that it is practically foolproof. What's important, as all users can "unspam" messages by checking the "not spam" box next to the spammed messages; the system is able to amend accidental mistakes.


Due to the spam filtering method used by CloudMark Desktop, there is a good chance that you won't notice 90 percent of the spam you receive. While the number of leaks is a little higher than in automatic filters, there is simply no problem with false positives - when a message lands in the junk folder, this means it is a junk, not an email from your boss. But at the same time, that doesn't mean you shouldn't ever check your spam folder, but you can go a few days in between checks since the likelihood of "good" mail ending up there is slim.

Pros & cons:

+ High effectiveness,

+ very low amount of false positives,

+ easy to run and configure.

- Theoretically, it can be used to actively promote spam if the community could be hijacked by spammers (unlikely).


CloudMark Desktop is an excellent anti-spam tool, recommended for everyone who prefers the "install & forget" approach. Those who prefer fighting actively with spam will probably miss some more complex functions and user-made rules of detection. The biggest attraction of the CloudMark program is the feeling that you're battling spam with an entire community behind you. And the good news is that as the community grows, the chances of fraud or the community being taken over by a roving group of hackers is next to impossible. For those that like to have brothers and sisters in arms when it comes to battling the scourge of spam, CloudMark is the way to go.

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