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eTrust Anti-Spam Review - (now CA Anti-Virus since 2008)

eTrust Anti-Spam is a simple spam filter that installs itself as an MS Outlook/Outlook Express plug-in. Its biggest strong point is the fact that it doesn't slow down your machine, unlike some other programs you could use. The biggest problem is its tendency to treat legitimated emails as spam.


The installation procedure is quick and easy. eTrust Anti-Spam embeds itself easily in MS Outlook/Outlook Express and you'll most likely forget it is even there.

Interface & main features

The interface is easy and user-friendly, though not very flashy.

The most interesting part of eTrust Anti-Spam is the specific approach to spam detection the program takes. Instead of using scoring, Bayesian filters or other methods of determining if the message is spam or not, eTrust Anti-Spam treats ALL incoming mail as spam - unless the sender is on the "approved" list. In order to create such a list you should order eTrust Anti-Spam to scan your mail folders, especially your outgoing mail folder.

The program has additional features which include:


Due to its rather old fashioned approach to the problem of spam, eTrust Anti-Spam has 100 percent anti-spam accuracy, but produces a hair raising number of "false accusations", especially in the beginning. While your regular inbox will contain only legitimate messages, you will nevertheless have to check your quarantined folder at least once a day in search of "good" mail. The program can be troublesome if you don't have the patience to teach the filters what is good mail and what isn't, and since there are so many other programs on the market that do this in a much quicker and easier fashion, the appeal of eTrust Anti-Spam is limited to those that are looking specifically for this kind of filter and nothing else.

Pros & cons:

+ Easy to use,

+ has minimal impact on your computer's resources.

- Requires constant attention and regular checks of the quarantined mail folder to see if any "good" mail was deposited in there by mistake.


While eTrust Anti-Spam can be an option for those who use slower computers, the large amount of false spam lowers the overall score. eTrust Anti-Spam is not recommended especially for those people who constantly meet new people, as digging "good" messages out of the junk folder everyday will soon make you furious. But at the same time, it is good to see that not every anti-spam program out there is catering to the folks with the fastest and newest computers on the highest speed connections. There doesn't seem to be much of a market anymore for the most basic programs that can run on the older generation of computers. eTrust Anti-Spam is far from perfect, but it does have its niche and while it could use some improvements, its nice to know that those on the other end of the technology spectrum aren't being completely ignored.

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