G-Lock SpamCombat Review

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G-Lock SpamCombat Review

Though the G-Lock SpamCombat filter is recommended for advanced users as it offers an astounding number of filter configuration options, it is nonetheless one of the best spam filters available even if you're a novice. The program acts as a proxy server and combines several different methods of spam filtering to maximize its effectiveness. If properly configured, G-Lock SpamCombat will provide excellent defense against unsolicited messages.


Installation of G-Lock SpamCombat is easy and uneventful. Just open the setup file and choose the directory for Spam Combat to install. The only thing you need to remember is to provide a set of "good" and "bad" emails to train the SpamCombat Bayesian filter incorporated in the software.

Interface & main features

The interface is quite complex, but clear and extremely configurable. Of course, as it gives you access to all SpamCombat functions, it requires some time to familiarize yourself with it. Once mastered, however, the interface is extremely effective and easy to use. The one annoying thing is that due to the fact than G-Lock SpamCombat acts as a proxy server, you simply have to use it as your regular email client instead of other programs. SpamCombat works generally well in that role, but it (for security reasons) lacks the ability to read HTML tags in messages.

G-Lock SpamCombat is full of uncommon, but useful features. Unfortunately most of them are really handy only for advanced anti-spam fighters. Spam Combat offers such things as:

*Programmable filters - G-Lock SpamCombat incorporates a complex virtual programming language that lets more experienced users create personalized filters and then incorporate them into SpamCombat.

*Whitelist/blacklist options. In addition to their standard role, you can also used all search wildcards (*,? etc.) to block or allow some or all addresses from a given server.

*HTML validator option lets G-Lock SpamCombat filter the messages based on the amount of invalid HTML tags (a common trait of spam emails).

*IP filters - G-Lock SpamCombat allows the blocking of messages coming from known spammer IPs.


Due to SpamCombat's flexible configuration it is very difficult to estimate the filter's accuracy properly. However, it is clear that once programmed and configured, SpamCombat is an unparalleled anti-spam tool.

Pros & cons:

+ Incredibly powerful programming language,

+ very flexible configuration,

+ combination of many different filters.

- Complexity,

- you need to be a programmer (though not a pro) to benefit from programmable filters,

- SpamCombat requires constant user's attention.


We do not recommend G-Lock SpamCombat for inexperienced users as it is not a "plug and play" type of spam filter. On the other hand, it is an invaluable tool for all experienced/active users as it offers an excellent level of protection. The ideal situation for most users would be to get use to spam control programs by using a simpler one, and then once you master the basics, move on to a more complicated program like G-Lock. And don't get too frustrated with the program too quickly, it is worth taking the time to learn.

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