Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Review

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Review

Among the usual suspects in premiere internet security is Kaspersky.  Consistently rated as producing some of the best security programs in the industry, Kaspersky protects over 300 million computer users with an array of advanced features.  Their Internet Security 2011 suite features many of the same features as Kaspersky's Anti-Virus 2011 but ramps up protection to ensure a safer online experience.   Every day, more than 50,000 pieces of malware are identified; they pop up and disappear in a matter of days, or even hours.  Because of the very transient nature of internet threats, a security program has to be able to react quickly to emerging threats.  Does Kaspersky offer protection that changes with the internet?

In a word, yes.   In addition to standard security features like real-time threat protection, this inclusive security suite offers 2 way firewall, Safe Surf cloud-based protection, Safe Desktop to open potentially harmful files safely, anti-spam, adware filter, ability to block, limit, or log email, IM, and social network communications, prevention of personal/confidential information transfer, anti-phishing defense, Virtual Keyboard for secure banking and shopping, frequent, fast updates, intelligent scanning, Gamer Mode, improved installation on infected PCs, and free technical support.

 Kaspersky has snuck up on Microsoft, Adobe, and other software giants to become the best -selling software manufacturer in the US.  The inclusiveness of programs like Internet Security 2011 make it attractive to computer users, particularly those who complete transactions related to personal or financial information, but Kaspersky's unobtrusive operation should be given credit as well.  Also of note is the suite's excellent parental controls, which surpass those of most other security programs. 


Kaspersky Internet Security 201l's popularity might also have something to do with its incredibly intuitive interface.  This program is organized and efficient, making it easy to navigate.  This hasn't always been the case with Kaspersky, and they've often been criticized for having overly complex interfaces.  This is not a problem with the 2011 suit.  After a quick installation, all the more impressive given the programs relative bulk, a gadget appears on the desktop.  This is a useful feature and allows quick and easy access to the main window, which is clear and bright.

An easy menu provides quick access to main functions, such as run scan, Safe Run, Quarantine, Reports, and Parental Control, but you will also find a range of more complex features.  For these, Kaspersky offers a wizard to guide you through the steps.  The convenience of having the features accessible through the main page is equaled by the incredible ease with which they function.


Overall, Kasperky Internet Security 2011 is a solid performer that offers more than just the basic security functions. Despite low-profile operation, it provides robust protection from a range of identified and emergent threats.  This is key in the world of rapidly shifting threats.  The suite tests extremely well with independent labs, including Matousec Proactive Security Challenge.  This challenge included 148 tests on malware intrusion, identity theft, self-protection mechanisms, and more.  Only four of 33 programs received the "Excellent" score from Matousec, and Internet Security 2011 was among them with an overall score of 92%.  Noted by Matousec experts were the improvements that Kaspersky had made from previous versions.

Some experts did raise concerns with the level of anti-spam and anti-phishing protection, as well as the ability to remove malware.  The anti-spam filter improves as it is "trained," but because other programs do not require it, it may be a learning curve you do not want to provide.  Anti-phishing has been a problem for Kaspersky in the past.  In 2010, their detection rate, according to PC Mag was 80 percentage points less than Norton.  The anti-phishing provided by Internet Explorer alone had a 57 point lead on Kaspersky.  This year, the detection rate is 70 percentage points below Norton.  This is a weakness to be sure, but one that is survivable with anti-phishing protection you get with your browser.

Pros and Cons

- Weak anti-phish protection.

- Malware removal could be more efficient.

- Anti-spam didn't catch everything - but on the plus side, it does have a variety of settings from which to choose.

+ Little impact on the performance of the computer

+ User-friendly

+ Incredibly strong firewall to block online attacks

+ Free technical support

+ Sandbox technology for safe browsing

+ Great parental controls

Kaspersky rightly takes its place as one of the most effective and inclusive security software companies in the country.  While Internet Security 2011 may be lacking in anti-phishing protection, it does offer a host of features that do not come standard with every security suite.  Frequent, quick updates, family protection, online banking mode, blocking of potentially harmful sites by country code domain, and intelligent scanning make this a valuable tool for PC security. 

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