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Product: Norton Personal Firewall
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  Norton Personal Firewall review

Norton Personal Firewall is one part of the Symantec security products bundle that complement Norton AntiVirus. It is one of the most effective firewalls, though the lack of anti-spyware functions reduces its overall usefulness considerably.

Interface and configuration

The interface of Norton Personal Firewall is simple and intuitive - all choices are explained and are easy to understand, even for a complete novice. The interface is friendly enough to let an average user master it in about 15 minutes.

The basic configuration is very easy to set up, but if you wish to make some in-depth changes, it may prove to be difficult and time consuming as most settings are hidden deep inside the program. Most program customizations, save for the most general ones, require at least five to six mouse clicks to get to the right panel. While all necessary options to gauge Norton Personal Firewall are present, configuring it soon becomes tiresome and annoying.


Norton Personal Firewall is able to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic in general, as well as the activity of specific ports. It also protects your files and emails from becoming the targets of hackers. It does not support registry monitoring tools.

Just like most other state-of-art firewalls, Norton Personal Firewall makes the PC run in stealth mode, effectively preventing most hackers from detecting the machine.

In addition to those features, Norton Personal Firewall is also capable of:

*changing the settings of a website you view - blocking pop-ups and quickly configuring your security settings for the page in question.

*storing the most vital data in a secured file and blocking every transmission that includes any important data, effectively preventing phishing attempts.

*in-depth customization of the filter system. Norton Personal Firewall allows you to create all kinds of rules concerning the firewall filters and the ways they work.


This firewall is one of the most effective, comparable only with ZoneAlarm Pro. Norton Personal Firewall is able to stop all suspicious communication attempts and also protect your personal data. The only problem is that this program does not prevent tracking cookies from getting into your system, making it possible for third parties to learn about your browsing habits. However, most firewalls are unable to respond to that threat (some argue that tracking cookies are not threats at all). One of the reasons why so many people choose to go with Norton is that it is possibly the most used company when it comes to anti-virus and so people naturally make the connection that Norton must also be the tops when it comes to firewalls. You have to give Norton credit for creating such a good program and not just skating by on their reputation. This is a great firewall that will protect your system day in and day out. ZoneAlarm Pro is pretty much the only choice you could make that would be an improvement, but many people choose Norton for the peace of mind the brand name provides.

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