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  Outpost Firewall PRO review

Outpost Pro is certainly one of the most flexible firewall programs ever. It combines a high rate of effectiveness with a set of interesting family-protection tools and a wide range of configuration options. Taken together, they make Outpost Pro one of the best firewalls available -it's no wonder that most Outpost Pro reviews award it five stars out of five!

Interface and configuration

The interface used by Outpost Pro is well designed and easy to navigate. All important options are available from the main screen, which makes operating Outpost Pro an easy task.

Outpost Pro is easy to configure, even for an inexperienced user, which is surprising since the firewall gives the user a wide variety of configuration options. In addition to all the usual options, such as application access rules, you can implement different sets of rules for specific computers on your network. Outpost Pro is also able to support multiple configurations for different users.


Outpost Pro protects the files and system registry from any intrusions. Of course, it monitors network traffic and is able to block incoming or outgoing traffic (completely or partially, as it seems fit). Just like most other firewalls, Outpost Pro makes the PC run in stealth mode, making it virtually undetectable to most hackers.

Outpost Pro has several unique features that greatly increase its usefulness, especially as a family-protection tool. By using Outpost Pro, you can block more than just ads and pop-ups. You can block all images as well as all websites containing one or more "forbidden" words and protect these settings with a password.

If you decide to spend some extra money, you can get a set of quality add-ons that greatly increase Outpost Pro effectiveness. They include PC Flank WhoEasy - a tool that lets you track the attacker's IP, Blockpost - an Outpost Pro plug-in that stops adware and spyware from entering your system and Super Stealth; a program that adds to your safety during hacker attacks and provides a HTTP log providing you a lot of extra information.


Outpost Pro provides a dependable firewall package. The program is able to stop all kinds of threats and hinder a hackers' attempts to hijack your PC. What's more, Outpost Pro is one of only a few firewalls that are able to effectively hide your browsing habits from everyone who might be looking.


Outpost Pro is an excellent firewall, although it shows all its capabilities only in the hands of an experienced user. However, in order to become fully operational, Outpost Pro needs all of its additional (paid) plug-ins and that limits its cost-effectiveness somewhat. Nevertheless, Outpost Pro is one of the better choices you can make, especially if you're a parent. Protection of our children is a top priority and it is good to see that other software is beginning to take it seriously, as well. You can expect to see this trend continue with other firewalls, but remember, Outpost Pro was first and they are one of the best!

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