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PC-cillin Internet Security


PC-cillin Internet Security is an average firewall, but an excellent anti-virus protection system - although its creators probably hoped it would be just the opposite. PC-cillin can't be completely trusted as a firewall as it sometimes permits hackers to enter the system, retrieve information and leave without detection, but its spam-blocking, anti-spyware and anti-virus capabilities are awesome. Let's take a closer look at what this program gets right and what it needs further development in.

Interface and configuration

The interface of PC-cillin Internet Security is very easy to manage even for an inexperienced computer user. The program's control panel is clear and intuitive, giving you easy access to all vital information and most of the important options.

PC-cillin Internet Security gives you a wide variety of configuration options, though many of them become useful only when your computer acts as a local server. It is able to protect not only your PC, but also all of the computers in your network - even in a wireless one.

However, generally speaking, PC-cillin Internet Security has only limited configuration options - there is only a little space for tinkering and gauging the software; most of the time you will have to accept it "as is".


PC-cilllin Internet Security performs all the basic functions you would expect from state-of-art firewalls. It controls all incoming and outgoing network traffic, including emails, and protects your PC against intrusions by forcing it to run in the stealth mode.

While PC-cillin Internet Security is sometimes unable to detect and prevent hacking attempts, its other features make purchasing it worth considering.

*PC-cillin Internet Security has an excellent anti-virus protection system, able to detect and remove most viruses. Most people who end up buying PC-cillin Internet Security do it for the anti-virus, not the firewall.

*This firewall also offers a good spam blocker that produces only a low number of false positives.


PC-cillin Internet Security seems to be only moderately effective. While it does prevent most forms of attacks, it may allow some programs to retrieve information from the hard drive without even detecting the attempt. This fault greatly reduces the program's reliability. The anti-virus tool, on the other hand, performs great.


PC-cillin Internet Security is only an average firewall, but a decent spam-blocker and excellent anti-virus program. The bottom line: if you are looking for a cost-effective security package, PC-cillin Internet Security is just what you're looking for as it allows you to profit from three security programs for the price of one. Otherwise, you should look for something that provides better overall security. An option that many people have chosen is to use PC-cillin Internet Security in conjunction with another firewall. This choice allows users to take advantage of PC-cillin's strength in the field of anti-virus protection and spam blocking, while relying on a different firewall for optimal protection. It is an expensive combination that most people couldn't afford, but it is ideal if you can fit it into your budget.

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