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Avanquest PC Speed Maximizer Review

Just as junk mail clutters your real and virtual mailboxes, junk, invalid, and out-of-date registry keys clutter your system registry.  One of the most important components of a PC, the system registry can become so full of unnecessary or obsolete entries that instability results, causing system freezes or crashes.  Every computer user understands the need to protect their machines and their data, but how best to do that?  Avanquest PC Speed Maximizer bills itself as a registry cleaner, or PC optimization program, with which "even novice users can keep their computers running like new."  Registry cleaners can help you do some spring cleaning on your system and maintain its optimal performance.  While not an all-inclusive security suite, PC Speed Maximizer is a solid optimization tool that can boost your machine's performance.

One of the caveats that IT experts pose when it comes to registry cleaners is that one has to be realistic about its functionality.  Unlike full security suites, PC Speed Maximizer is not designed to protect your computer against viruses, malware, spyware, scareware, and adware.  Instead, it is designed to clean out your registry where invalid keys and entries are stored.  Your registry is updated continuously, and old entries can clog the system, and Avanquest's registry optimization program works by removing temporary and junk files, unnecessary programs, and broken short cuts, while optimizing the registry and Windows settings and managing startup.  Tests of PC Speed Maximizer, however, found that the program could improve system performance by six percent or more.


While PC Speed Maximizer has been accused by some reviewers of having a "drab" colour scheme, those looking for user-friendly interface will excuse the aesthetics.  The welcome screen with which users are greeted is straightforward and easy to use.  It simply tells you that a system scan is required and you can begin that process by clicking the "start" button.  Several tabs line the top of the screen: you can choose a quick scan, registry, clean up, optimize, or options.

If the quick scan reveals invalid or junk files, it will recommend that you "optimize" your system, which you can do by selecting one or all of the options that appear on the right side of the screen.  These are: optimizing your registry, deleting junk files, delete privacy files, fix invalid shortcuts, optimize Windows, and managing startup.  It is a clean setup and one which is easy even for those "novice" users to handle.

One area in which many people may run into confusion is the "optimize windows" utility.  This allows you to fine-tune Windows features that can affect speed, performance, and the appearance of your system.  Among the options are "clean up swap file before system reload," "enable prefetcher (speed up loading applications," and "show commands at startup."  If you are not familiar with each of these actions and how they can affect your computer's performance, it can be difficult to do this "fine tuning."   One option is to Google it for recommendations, call Avanquest's free customer support line, or simply not take advantage of that option.  It is the more powerful sub-tools, such as the Windows optimizing application, however, that produce the noticeable changes in speed.


While providing a sturdy solution for registry clutter, Avanquest PC Speed Maximizer does have minor performance issues that need to be weighed against the efficacy of its optimization features.  This registry cleaner is slower than comparable programs, even when in "quick scan" mode.  This may not be a concern, though, for those who run the scan and minimize the window to work on other tasks. 

The ease of use affects the quality of the performance and its efficiency.  PC Speed Maximizer will handle different tasks with only a mouse click from the user.  You can clean up your registry and remove programs that divert system resources for their own use.  As mentioned, when using tools such as the "optimize windows" option, performance can be boosted by over six percent.  This can be a substantial, and noticeable, difference. 

The difference is also seen in your registry.  PC Speed Maximizer is thorough and can locate scores of files that need to be fixed and/or deleted.  Again, while not a full security program, Avanquest's registry optimizer is able to fix many of these errors.

Pros and Cons

+ PC Speed Maximizer is able to delete privacy and junk files that clutter your system registry.

+ and Avanquest's program is able to fix and remove the obsolete or invalid shortcuts that impair speed and stability.

+You can optimize your Windows and startup features, fine-tuning them for increased speed.

+ Customer support is excellent.  Email responses are fast, and registered customers also have access to free telephone help.

- This registry cleaner may be slower than others in its class.


Avanquest PC Speed Maximizer is a solid program and performs well when operating with realistic expectations. It does help you clean out your system registry, improve performance and prevent system crashes, freezes and slow downs. PC Speed Maximizer does just what it says, and is a worthy addition to your computer system.

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