Spam Bully Review

Product: Spam Bully
Price: $29.95, $19.95 pa
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Spam Bully Review

Spam Bully is a simple, yet extremely capable Bayesian spam filter that integrates within MS Outlook and Outlook Express (technically, Spam Bully is an MS Outlook/Outlook Express plug-in). With a relatively low price (around $29.95), little user attention required and high accuracy make Spam Bully an interesting choice for everyone looking for a good spam filter that really saves time.


There were no problems reported during installation. Spam Bully is quickly installed without having to reboot. Moments after it starts for the first time, it asks for the location of "good" and "bad" email messages to start the training process. Spam Bully does not come pre-trained and needs some (around 100) "bad" and "good" emails to examine before it can start working.

Interface and main features

The creators of Spam Bully should be proud of the interface - it is both extremely useful and nice to look at. Basically, it consists of a few additional buttons added to the MS Outlook/Outlook Express window. It allows you to perform all common operations - marking messages as spam or "not-spam", adding/deleting addresses from friends'/spammers' list - as well as to the number of message details/statistic screens.

As Spam Bully operates all by itself, you don't really need to do anything about the way it works, except for identifying junk messages that have managed to come through as spam. Spam Bully will then learn from its mistakes and improve its algorithm to include those emails we marked as spam.

Spam Bully is a very simple filter but it still offers a few interesting features:

* A Message Details button allows you to learn why the message was marked as spam and the sender's IP address - along with his/her general geographical location!

* "Challenge email" option allows Spam Bully to send a challenging message in response to any message that has passed the Bayesian test, but is not included in the friends' list.

Link-checking. Spam Bully has the option that allows it to perform a Bayesian test on the web sites the messages link to. If the website is little more than the spammer's junk site, the message with the link will be treated accordingly.


Even after disabling country-based filters and deleting all addresses from the friends' list, Spam Bully is able to filter over 95% of spam with only 1-2% of false readings. According to a Spam Bully review and test, its overall accuracy is 96.43%.

However, it is good to remember that this spam filter behaves somewhat aggressively, especially during the first few days. You will certainly have to keep an eye on the SPAM folder to fend off "good" messages from spam.

Pros & cons:

+ High detection rate,

+ works all by itself,

+ easy installation

+ the filter is REALLY fast.

- Available only for MS Outlook/Outlook Express users,

- a little too aggressive in the beginning,

- does not include IMAP accounts in Outlook Express.


Spam Bully is probably the best choice for anyone who is looking for a simple and effective spam filter. The low price and the fact that it works without the user's attention are the strongest points of Spam Bully. If you only use MS Outlook/Outlook Express, Spam Bully is probably the best choice you can make.

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