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Spam Sleuth Review

Spam Sleuth is a versatile and highly configurable spam filter that uses most (if not all) filtering techniques currently available. Spam Sleuth acts as a proxy server, so it is independent of the email client you have. Lots of configuration options make Spam Sleuth a potentially good choice for advanced users or those who need to configure their spam filters for untypical tasks.


Spam Sleuth installs quickly and without any problems.

Interface & main features

Spam Sleuth's interface is not flashy, but it is intuitive and easy to comprehend. The filter does most of its work in the background, so the only Spam Sleuth windows you're likely to see are the main screen and the settings. What is surprising is that while Spam Sleuth gives the users full access to its configuration, allowing them to tweak the filter the way then need, the settings window remains very intuitive.

The main features of Spam Sleuth include:

*Polling mode - in this mode, Spam Sleuth connects from time to time to your mail servers and deletes the messages it considers to be spam. Then, it lets your regular POP3 client download the remaining "good" emails.

*POP3 proxy mode - if run in POP3 proxy mode, Spam Sleuth downloads all messages from your servers and performs the filtering in your machine. Your standard POP3 client will have to be reconfigured to retrieve mail from the special Spam Sleuth's internal mail server.

*Flexible spam threshold - the user can manually set the point thresholds dividing the incoming mail into three categories: spam, possible spam and not-spam.

*Enhanced mailing lists' options - Spam Sleuth has the usual friends'/enemies' lists allowing it to speed up the filtering process. An interesting add-on is the ability to use * wildcards to ensure that all messages from a certain domain will be allowed/blocked.

*Superior configuration options. Spam Sleuth lets you modify almost any part of the spam filter.

*Blacklists access - Spam Sleuth can access most important net-based blacklists and add "spam points" if any of the blacklisted email addresses/content is found in the message.

*Email stamps - Spam Sleuth sends back a message to the spam sender announcing that your attention is worth some money through your PayPal account. If the amount is paid, Spam Sleuth allows the message to come through.

*Antivirus filter - theoretically the program should be able to delete all attachments containing viruses. It does not work 100 percent of the time, but it is still a nice touch.

*Undelivered mail messages - the filter creates fake "bounced mail" messages and sends them back to potential spam senders.

*Challenge test - Spam Sleuth sends a challenging message as a response to a message it considers "possible spam".

*Bayesian filter - in opposition to many simpler spam filters, Spam Sleuth includes a Bayesian filter only as a part of its large armory. The Bayesian filter does not come pre-trained, so you have to periodically check if all the received mail is properly assigned to spam and not-spam folders or it won't work.


With a score over 90 percent in overall accuracy, Spam Sleuth is a state-of-art spam filter. If properly configured, it is able to stop virtually every spam message while letting all good mail through. The only problem is that the user has to invest some time in mastering all configuration options.

Pros & cons:

+ Lots of configuration options,

+ Lots of interesting features,

+ Low price.

- May require some time to configure it properly,

- needs a lot of user attention, especially in the beginning


If you have enough time and know how to tweak Spam Sleuth properly, then it can become an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you just want a filter that will require only minimal attention, you should look for something else - the chances are that Spam Sleuth will be too difficult for you to handle.


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