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Enigma Software SpyHunter Review

In the world of antispyware products, SpyHunter is growing in popularity quickly. Published by Enigma Software, though, it’s not as well established as many other options out there. In fact, the Enigma company itself hasn’t always been on the right side of the malware equation, as it’s been continually accused of using slightly more aggressive advertising tactics than necessary. The real question, though, is whether or not it will protect your computer, and in many cases, it can help.


Not all antispyware software is intuitive and easy to use, but this is one choice that absolutely is. The main screen offers an easy to read menu bar down the left side of the screen with fairly simple titles like System Scan, System Guards, Spyware Help Desk, and Settings. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll always be able to see which database version you have, what product version is installed, and the number of programs it is currently protecting you from. The System Scan tab opens a large window on the right side of the screen where you can simply hit “Scan Computer Now” and the large “Play” symbol to get a complete scan of your computer. You can also decide whether you want their System Guard program on or off during this process. If you don’t want a full scan, you can either choose to do a quick scan of your machine or you can select the areas of your computer that you’d like to have scanned. You may even want to choose to have certain areas of your machine excluded from any scans that are done. During the actual scan, you’ll see a task bar that tells you what files are being scanned and helps you stay up to date on the progress of the scan itself. You can also choose to stop the scan at any point in time. In the event a threat is detected, you’ll see the name of the threat, where it’s located, and exactly what the problem is. You can choose to fix the threat or leave it alone.

The settings on this program allow you to run scheduled scans and adjust other capabilities while the System Guards let you block malicious processes from execution and help you decide whether to block or allow certain processes on your computer. There’s also a Network Sentry component that was built to help ensure malware won’t modify or disrupt your internet connection. Again, you can customize it to meet your individual needs.

Should you need help with this program, it’s only a click away. You simply click “Spyware Help Desk” and you can submit a support ticket, look at other FAQs online, or take a look at the support tickets you’ve already submitted to the company.


SpyHunter gets good ratings from many of the top ratings companies online. The biggest quoted drawback to this program isn’t actually performance based. Instead, it’s the fact that it hasn’t been independently tested as many other solutions have.

You’ll find this program does quite well in terms of spyware removal. One of the things it’s best at is that it stops rootkits in their tracks. SpyHunter has the ability to stop Windows temporarily before a rootkit can take hold, ensuring the rootkits never make it onto your system. Then it can expose them and eliminate them immediately. Not very many other programs out there have this capability, so it’s a pretty important one. It also has a strong ability to detect and eliminate ransomware, which can lock your computer up and force you to pay so you can have access again.

In the event there’s a problem that SpyHunter doesn’t catch, the publisher will offer remote removal support to make certain your computer is problem free, a must if you have a complex malware situation on your hands.

You may notice a dip in performance while the scan is actually running on your computer, and that can be a problem if you’re trying to do something and scan at the same time. If you’re simply scanning on a scheduled basis while your computer is idle, though, you’re not likely to notice any issues.

You may also notice that certain programs that need to connect to the internet get blocked by SpyHunter, but that’s simply part of its aggressive security measures. You can decide to allow or deny those programs access, and it will remember your preferences.

Pros and Cons

+ Installation is a simple process, so if you’re not used to dealing with this type of software, you shouldn’t have any problem getting it set up on your computer.

+ It’s able to tackle some of the toughest spyware programs out there, including root kits, despite the fact that bigger names aren’t always as advanced at dealing with those kinds of programs.

- If you’re using the free version of the program, you’re going to notice a lot of heat to get you to buy the full version. Unfortunately, that simply comes with the territory, as even the biggest names in the industry like Norton, use some of those same tactics to get you to upgrade their software.

- The software hasn’t been submitted for independent testing, so while it is certified by West Coast Labs, you won’t see the test results from other companies, and that’s a real drawback for many, leading some to think Enigma still has concerning motives as it once did.


SpyHunter has many different features, and it’s easy to use, a facet that is especially nice for those who don’t want to learn an entirely new language just to stop spyware from invading their computers. What’s more, though, is that even though the program hasn’t actually been submitted for independent testing, it does perform well on some of the toughest problems out there, so once you install, you can trust that your computer will be protected, especially if you use this program as a backup method of protection in addition to your more traditional choices.


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