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Product: Spy Sweeper
Price: $29.95 per annum
Company Info: Webroot Software Inc -
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Spy Sweeper review

Spy Sweeper is a good spyware detection and removal program that impressed us during testing. It has a large variety of protection techniques combined with good scanning and removing capabilities makes buying Spy Sweeper one of the better choices you can make. Unfortunately, small, but annoying, problems with its interface lowers the overall program rating.


While the general set up behind Spy Sweeper's interface is acceptable, a few problems such as the inability to change the window size that the program runs in or the fact that the program is littered with annoying pop-up alerts that appear constantly can make you feel uncomfortable at best (or furious at worst) while using the program.

Leaving those problems aside, the interface is easy to master and does not cause any significant problems unless you run your desktop at high resolutions where the messages cease to be legible.

Main features


Spy Sweeper is one of most densely packed anti-spyware tools. It is surprising how such a small program can include so many functions. It is capable of such things as:

*Protecting your PC in real-time using a large set of various shields working against most known adware and security threats.

*Scanning the Windows registry and processes,

*Scanning all files and folders on all local drives,

*Quarantining infected/malicious files in case you need them in future,

*Scheduling scans,

* and it has a complex immunization system.


Spy Sweeper is certainly an excellent spyware detector and remover, with excellent detection/removal accuracy. Even its immunization/real-time protection features work just fine, effectively stopping most intrusions before they even begin. However, it seems that Spy Sweeper is unable to remove several popular threats including CoolWebSearch. This lowers its usability a little, especially considering the fact that the free CWShredder, which was able to take care of this particular baddie, is not going to be updated anymore.

The scanning engine used in Spy Sweeper is relatively fast, assuming your computer isn't knee-deep in infections. Otherwise, the average file scan can take up to an hour or even more depending on how busy it is.

Pros & cons:

+ Excellent protection capabilities,

+ Very good overall removal ratio,

+ Relatively fast scanning procedure.

- Spy Sweeper is unable to remove some common threats.


The bottom line: buy Spy Sweeper if you need high quality, real-time protection combined with good scanning/removal capabilities. However, make sure you also have some other spyware scanner available to get rid of those threats Spy Sweeper can't cope with. And unfortunately, this is pretty much the advice you'll get no matter which one you go with. There really isn't a single program that is the be all and end all of spyware removal. Most people have two or even three programs installed to take care of all known threats since the world of spyware is constantly evolving and changing. One day, we hope, there will be a single program everyone can use, but until them, download Spy Sweeper, but don't let it be alone on your hard drive. Give it some company, your computer will thank you.

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