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WinTuneup Pro Review

The system registry is one of the most important components of your Windows experience.  It is the warehouse which stores all of your computer's configuration information.  Whenever you install, uninstall, or modify a program, it makes changes to the registry.  When you uninstall software, remnants remain, and this can cause your data warehouse to become cluttered.  When it is bogged down with invalid and obsolete entries, your system can slow and even become unstable.  WinTuneup Pro is a cleaner whose function it is to clean out your registry and restore more optimal performance.  Wintuneup Pro offers a wide range of features to free up more space in the data warehouse and ensure proper functioning.

It is important to know what to expect from a registry cleaner or optimization program like WinTuneup Pro.  This is not meant to be a security solution; that is, it does not work to protect your computer against viruses, malware, and other threats. It does, however, remove junk files and obsolete registry entries.  WinTuneup Pro adds more advanced solutions to the basic functions to be expected from a registry cleaner, including erasing history and optimizing bandwidth for a faster internet connection.


WinTuneup Pro has been criticized for having an interface that can be intimidating to novices or those with only limited technical and registry experience.  Tech review site, CNET, said, "It isn't as kind to first-timers as we'd expected."  The utilities menu, however, is quite user-friendly and offers a range of options that are fairly self-explanatory, including clean system registry, erase history, remove junk files, remove duplicate files, and fix invalid shortcuts.  There is both an overview section and a "Wizard" to guide you through the process.  The Wizard automatically deletes all of the junk and repetitious files it finds; for those who want more control, there is a manual deletion process as well.  "Help" and "About" sections are provided as options at the bottom of the utilities menu for further assistance. 

An interesting feature that WinTuneup Pro offers that is not standard fare is the "restore" option.  This allows you to create restore points so you can back up your registry before you begin a scan.  The free trial includes 20 fixes, which may not be enough for a user to accurately test the program and get to know its features thoroughly.  The full version, however, provides a host of functions that will improve the performance and stability of your system.  CNET notes that navigating the program "is worth the time and effort."  However, we found that it was fairly intuitive for the average user.


The full range of features offered by WinTuneup Pro, as well as its efficacy, earns it top marks with users and reviewers.  There are functions which are not at all standard in other registry cleaners, making it more of a utility bundle than a simple cleaner. That is not to say that cleaning is not an important task.  To this end, the program is able to remove junk files, obsolete and invalid entries, and erase your history.  This adds another layer of privacy for your online experience.

In addition, users are able to access tools that optimize system performance, protect, and fine-tune your Windows experience.  System information tools allow you to take a closer look at your operating system and CPU information, as well as optimize memory for more efficient use.  More experienced users will find that they have an exceptional level of control with Tweaks Plus.  With this feature, users can make small changes to increase performance, including managing the startup to control which programs started when Windows was launched, as well optimize your desktop, control panel, memory, CPU, and even bandwidth. 

For the relatively low price of $29.99, WinTuneup Pro provides an impressive array of functions that do their job efficiently and thoroughly.

Pros and Cons

+ Provides basic registry cleaning features to improve performance

+ Offers CPU, memory, and management optimization

+ Offers privacy protection

+ Optimizes internet connection

+ Provides access to system information

+ Safety and system restore

- Interface can be overwhelming to new users or those unfamiliar with the system registry

- Wizard doesn't allow users to pick and choose deletions

- Free trial allows only 20 fixes


WinTuneup Pro is a value-priced utilities bundle that offers more than the typical system registry tools. It keeps your system running optimally so it remains safe and stable helping to prevent system crashes, slow downs and freezes. Registry cleaners are not meant to be an inclusive security solution, so the added privacy and protection features in WinTuneup Pro are a bonus to any user.

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