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ZoneAlarm review

Almost every ZoneAlarm review gives the program five stars and needless to say, the program earns it. ZoneAlarm is one of the best firewalls available on the market. It combines high effectiveness with an easy-to-use interface that makes it a quality product worth every penny you pay for it.

Interface and configuration

ZoneAlarm interface is easy to understand and navigate. All functions come with a short description of what they do and the available choices are well thought out to prevent flooding an inexperienced user with too much irrelevant information. While ZoneAlarm has a wide range of possible configurations, even a complete novice can easily use it.

Often times, firewalls prove to be extremely difficult to configure, especially if the user is inexperienced. ZoneAlarm avoids most configuration problems thanks to its complex "configuration wizard". This feature opens the first time you run ZoneAlarm and asks you a few questions about your PC and the way you use it. Basing its configuration on your answers, ZoneAlarm manages to be right more times than not.


ZoneAlarm is capable of protecting files and the system registry from illegitimate intrusions. It is able to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, as well as specific ports in your computer. It can, just like most other firewalls, make your computer run in stealth mode, making it undetectable to most hackers.

In addition, ZoneAlarm has some very interesting options.

*MyVault - this option allows you to choose particular information for extra protection (for example your credit card or bank account numbers). Every time this data is transmitted outside of your PC, it is blocked and ZoneAlarm raises the alarm.

*Anti-virus capabilities - ZoneAlarm is not the only firewall that comes with an additional anti-virus tool, however, ZoneAlarm is one of only a few such firewalls that do not force you to use its own anti-virus protection rather than anything else. The firewall simply incorporates your existing anti-virus into itself and installs ZoneAlarm's own anti-virus software if you don't have any anti-virus program protection yet.


ZoneAlarm is one of the most effective firewalls available for sale. It was able to pass most of the performance tests put to it and it is known for being able to prohibit applications from accessing the Internet. It is able also to stop Trojans and all unknown programs trying to use open ports, as well.


ZoneAlarm is a top-notch firewall with excellent hacker and virus protection capabilities. As it is both effective and easy to configure by inexperienced users, it is a prime choice for beginners, not to mention IT professional, as well. ZoneAlarm is also a quick download, even if you're stuck on a dialup connection. If you're lucky enough to be on DSL or cable, you'll be impressed with ZoneAlarm's dedication to customer service. It is difficult to write a ZoneAlarm review since it has been the industry standard for so many years, but through hard work and dedication the people behind ZoneAlarm have kept the product fresh, competitive and interesting without weighing it down with too many useless add-ons.

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